[Printed pamphlet by the 'Graduates Defence Committee'.] The Case against the proposed Disruption of the Victoria University.

[Graduates Defence Committee, The Victoria University; University College, Liverpool; Owens College, Manchester; Board of Education Reference Library]
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Manchester: Sherratt & Hughes, 27 St Ann Street. 1902.
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39pp., 12mo. In grey printed wraps. Good, on lightly aged and worn paper, with stamp, shelfmarks and red label of the Board of Education Reference Library. Containing a full-page list of officers of the Graduates Defence Committee, full-page introduction. The first part of the account, headed 'Origin of the Controversy', begins: 'On the 11th of May, 1901, the Court of the Liverpool University College, the second in size of the constituent colleges of the Victoria University, passed the following resolution: - | "That, while gratefully acknowledging the advantages which have accrued to University College, Liverpool, by its association with Victoria University, this Court is of opinion that a university should be established in Liverpool, and will welcome a scheme for this object upon an adequate basis." | The occasion of this action was, probably, that the Privy Council had, in 1899, granted a University Charter to the Mason College, Birmingham - a college less fully equipped in every way than that at Liverpool.' The contention of the work is that 'Liverpool and Manchester, heedless of the fact that they were sharing benefits greater than they could ever enjoy under a system of separate Universities, and forgetful of the development of events since the Victoria University Charter was first granted in 1880, proposed to undo the work of 20 years, and make a fresh start in the matter of University education'. Other headings: Meeting of the Court; The Yorkshire College Court; Graduates' Protest; The Opinion of Convocation; The Opposition to Disruption; Three Points of View; No Accusation has been made against the existing University; Where is the Money to come from?; Advantages of the Federal System; The name 'Victoria'; The Position of the Graduates. Uncommon: the only copies on COPAC at Liverpool, Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham.