[Sir Alexander Young Spearman (1793-1874), Assistant Secretary to the Treasury.] Secretarial Letter, signed by Spearman ('A Y Spearman'), to the Directors of the Bank of Scotland, regarding the remittance of Scottish Revenue to London.

Sir Alexander Young Spearman (1793-1874), Assistant Secretary to the Treasury [Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh]
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Treasury Chambers [Whitehall]. 28 June 1837.
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2pp., foolscap 8vo. On aged and worn paper, with slight loss to one edge from disbinding. On mourning paper (for King William IV). Begins: 'Gentlemen | The Lords Commissioners of Her Majestys Treasury having had under their consideration the arrangements now in force under which the Revenue collected in Scotland is remitted to London, and the payments for the Judicial and other Establishments are made at Edinburgh, and being of opinion that the Business of making such payments should no longer be continued to one and the same Bank only, but should be conducted by each of the Banks by which the Revenue is remitted in succession, one to the other, at the end of each twelve months in the following Order - viz, | The Bank of Scotland, | The British Linen Company, | Sir Walter Forbes & Co | The Commercial Bank of Scotland & | The National Bank of Scotland'.