[Queen Victoria's FIRST visit to Scotland, 1842.] Three MS.receipts, two of them regarding 'erecting triumphall Arches', the other a 'Note of Men Employed in the Village of Comrie [...] to join the Lawers Company for hir [sic] Majesty the Queen'.

[Queen Victoria's FIRST visit to Scotland, 1842; Mrs. R. Williamson of Lawers; Comrie, Strathearn, Perthshire]
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[Lawers, Strathearn, Scotland.] All three paid on 26 December 1842.
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The three documents in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. ONE: 'Note of Men employed in the Village of Comrie by Orders of Mrs. R. Williamson of Lavers - to join the Lavers Company for hir [sic] Majesty the Queen'. [on reverse] 'Lawers | Thos Biccarton for Men attending during the Queens Visit | £1 .. 19/- | paid 26 Decr. 1842'. Beneath this in pencil in a later hand: 'Queen Victoria visit to Strathearn | Sept 10 1842'. 1p., 4to. With some words in red ink. Mainly comprising a table of 29 names, days, wages due, of men 'Attending the Lawers Company'. Between them the men worked 26 days and received a total of £1 19s 0d (1s 6d each). Beneath the table, signed 'Thos. Biccarton', is the receipt proper: 'By orders of Mrs. R. Williamson 1842 | All paid by T. B. on 10th Septr. | Lawers | I do hererby acknowledge to have Received from H. G. Watson Esqr. Factor for Lawers Estate the Sum of one Pound Nineteen Shillings Stg this being full pay due to the annexed Acct. for 26 men attending of Lawers in honor & Loyalty for her Majesty the Queen passing through Lawers Grounds on Saturday the 10th day of Septr. 1842 And for the above sum receipt is hereby discharged by me'. TWO: Receipt, signed by 'Daniel Mc.Gregor', for 'Expense erecting triumphall arches for Her Majesty'. 1p, landscape 12mo. Naming five men and recording the money paid to them. Docketted on reverse: 'Lawers | D McGregor for Sundries | £1. 14 . 8 | pd 26 Dec 1842'. THREE: [on reverse] 'Lawers | John McRorie for putting up Triumphal Arches | £0 . 7s 6d | paid 26 Dec 1843'. On slip of paper. Signed receipt by McRorie, for a 7s 6d, 'Attested by James MCulloch'. This was the Queen's first visit to Scotland. See The Times, 12 September 1842, for an extended report of this part of the Queen's visit.