[Scottish peer who planted millions of trees: John Murray, 4th Duke of Atholl.] Autograph Letter Signed to ‘Captn Ross [Rayley?] R. N.’, apparently regarding the sale and transportation of timber.

John Murray (1755-1830), 4th Duke of Atholl, Scottish peer who planted millions of trees by firing seeds from cannon
Publication details: 
‘Dunkeld [Perthshire, Scotland] Novr: 3d 1828’.

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. Thirty-six lines of text, signed ‘Atholl’. Text complete (except for address of recipient), on grubby and worn paper. Folded three times. The letter has been trimmed at the foot, resulting in some loss to the address of the recipient, which appears to read ‘Captn Ross R. N. / 160 New Bond Street’. This is presumably the ‘Rayley, [sic] Captain, R.N. 160, Bond-street’, who in 1832 was listed among the proprietors of shares in London University. The Duke’s handwriting is execrable.

[Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk, Chief of Clan Moncreiffe, herald and genealogist.] Collection of 49 items of correspondence, to Philip Dosse of Hansom Books, mostly concerning his review work for Books and Bookmen; with one autograph article.

Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk [Sir Rupert Iain Kay Moncreiffe, 11th Baronet (1919-1985)], Chief of Clan Moncreiffe, herald and genealogist [Philip Dosse (1925-80), proprietor of ‘Books and Bookmen’]
Publication details: 
Apart from three items from 1980; all dated items from between 1971 and 1976. Almost all on different letterheads of Sir Iain Moncrieffe of that Ilk, Easter Moncreiffe, Perthshire [Scotland]. Also London, Edinburgh, Japan, Munich.

Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk was a true Scottish eccentric. The Oxford DNB refers to his reputation as ‘as an (eminently quotable) super-snob’, a characterization which is strongly supported by this energetic, entertaining and playful correspondence, which, as the extracts quoted below show, covers a great deal more than the practicalities of his review work. (See the ODNB’s evaluation of his intellectual merits: ‘In conversation, as well as in his published work, he relied on a marvellously retentive memory that was unimpaired even by a considerable intake of alcohol.

[Sir Alexander Muir Mackenzie, Vice-Lieutenant of Perthshire.] Autograph Table, signed 'A. Muir Mackenzie Col', headed 'Return of the 3d or Central Regiment of Royal Perthshire Local Militia Commanded by Colonel Sir Alexander Muir Mackenzie Bart.'

Sir Alexander Muir Mackenzie, 1st Baronet (1764-1835) of Delvine, Scotland, Vice-Lieutenant of Perthshire [The 3rd or Central Regiment of Royal Perthshire Local Militia]
Publication details: 
Perth [Scotland]. 29 July 1813.

1p., foolscap 8vo. In fair condition, aged and with traces of previous mount on reverse. On laid paper with watermarked date of 1810. Laid out in landscape within ruled lines. Returns for '10 Companies', with 19 columns (totalling 1456 individuals), gathered into sections for 'Commissioned Officers', 'Staff Officers', 'N[on]. C[ommissioned]. Officers' and 'Rank & File'. In bottom left-hand corner: 'one Captain on leave | one Lieutenant Sick | 1 Major & 2 Captains supernumerary | 1 Lieut. & 2 Ensigns wanting'.

[Lieutenant General Archibald Robertson of Lawers.] Manuscript 'Extract from Decree Arbitral by Adam Rolland Esq | In the Submission between Mrs. Catherine Austen or Robertson and The Trustee of Lieut General Archd. Robertson of Lawer'.

Lieutenant-General Archibald Robertson (1745-1813) of Lawers, Perthshire [Adam Rolland]
Publication details: 
[Scotland.] Made 19 December 1814; recorded 1833.

2pp., foolscap 8vo. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Docketted on reverse of second leaf, including the information that this is the second recording (the first being made at the time of the document in 1814). The extract ('Sexto') concerns the payment of an 'Annuity of Eleven hundred pounds Sterling bequeathed to he said Mrs. Catherine Robertson by the said Lieut. General Archibald Robertson'. Robertson is the subject of a portrait by George Romney, now in the Museum of Fine Art, St Petersburg, Florida.

[James Williamson, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Glasgow.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Jas. Williamson') to his brother Alexander Williamson, Laird of Balgray, discussing financial matters and his son George's choice of career.

James Williamson (d. 1795), Professor of Mathematics at the Universtiy of Glasgow, 1761-1795 [Alexander Williamson, Laird of Balgray (fl. 1802)]
Publication details: 
'College Glasgow'. 1 June 1792.

2pp., foolscap 8vo. Bifolium. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. The breaking of the seal has resulted in slight loss at the foot of the gutter, affecting two words of text. Verso of second leaf addressed, with two postmarks and red wax seal, to 'Alexander Williamson Esqr | Alisons Square | Edinburgh'.

[Queen Victoria's FIRST visit to Scotland, 1842.] Three MS.receipts, two of them regarding 'erecting triumphall Arches', the other a 'Note of Men Employed in the Village of Comrie [...] to join the Lawers Company for hir [sic] Majesty the Queen'.

[Queen Victoria's FIRST visit to Scotland, 1842; Mrs. R. Williamson of Lawers; Comrie, Strathearn, Perthshire]
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[Lawers, Strathearn, Scotland.] All three paid on 26 December 1842.

The three documents in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. ONE: 'Note of Men employed in the Village of Comrie by Orders of Mrs. R. Williamson of Lavers - to join the Lavers Company for hir [sic] Majesty the Queen'. [on reverse] 'Lawers | Thos Biccarton for Men attending during the Queens Visit | £1 .. 19/- | paid 26 Decr. 1842'. Beneath this in pencil in a later hand: 'Queen Victoria visit to Strathearn | Sept 10 1842'. 1p., 4to. With some words in red ink. Mainly comprising a table of 29 names, days, wages due, of men 'Attending the Lawers Company'.

[John Williamson of Tynron Cottage, Thornhill, Scotland.] Autograph Letter Signed to Edinburgh lawyer David Williamson, regarding his immediate voyage to St Kitts in the West Indies, ship called the "Nevis Planter', with six gallons of Scotch whisky.

John Williamson (b.1750) of Tynron Cottage, Thornhill, Scotland [David Williamson (d.1837), Lord Balgray, of Lawers, Perthshire, Lord of Session; Scotch whisky; St Kitts and Nevis, West Indies]
Publication details: 
Tynron Cottage [Thornhill, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland]. 4 January 1801.

1p., foolscap 8vo. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed on reverse of second leaf, with red ink postmark and broken black wax seal, to 'David Williamson Esqr | Advocate | George's Square | Edinh'. There is no indication in the letter that the two men are kinsmen. 'My Dear Sir, | I am happy to inform you that the ship called the Nevis Planter sails from Liverpool for St. Kitts on the 12th. Inst - with your approbation, I propose sailing with her - | Mr.

Nine manuscript documents relating to the death and estate of Major Anthony Coane, 73rd (Perthshire) Regiment of Foot, who died in Kandy, Ceylon [Sri Lanka], in 1819, including an inventory and account, and a covering letter from Lieut. Minter.

Major Anthony Coane (d.1819), 73rd (Perthshire) Regiment of Foot [Kandy, Ceylon [Sri Lanka]]
Publication details: 
The nine items all from Kandy, Ceylon [Sri Lanka], and dating from October 1817 to January 1819.

The nine items in this collection provide valuable information regarding the management of the estate of a Georgian colonial British army office. Coane's battalion had served in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land between 1812 and 1814, and had been in Ceylon (under Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Giels) since 1814 by the time Coane died on 5 January 1819, his demise much regretted by his superiors. The nine items are on aged and worn paper with chipping to extremities. ONE: Autograph Letter Signed from 'G[eorge]. Minter' to unnamed recipient. Kandy; 29 December 1818. 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium.

Autograph Note Signed ('Mary W. Findlater') to unnamed female autograph hunter.

Mary Williamina Findlater (1865-1963), Scottish novelist and poet
Publication details: 
27 October 1901; Mount Stuart, Torquay, England.

One page, 16mo. Good, on lightly aged grey paper, with previous paper mount adhering to reverse. Reads 'I have pleasure in sending you the Autograph you desire'.

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