[MS. copy] Letter from James I to the University of Cambridge. In Latin, commencing, "Si ius civitatis [...]". and concluding "Valete" (no copy signature).

[James I; Francis Bacon]
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[Palace of Westminster] 4o Kal. Mar. 1616
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One page, sm. folio, sl. crumpled and stained, C17th hand. Another copy (BL Sloane MS. 3562, f.99, to Spedding, the "best copy") is reproduced in Spedding, ed., 'The Works of Francis Bacon', vol. XIII, p.144, with the suggestion that, though James was capable, Bacon himself could have written it. A copy is also to be found in the Harley MS., and presumably elsewhere. The Sloane and Harley copies differ in small matters from this one (one of several examples, "nobis" for "Sloane's "vobis" in 'quam nobis suspecta'). One obvious anomaly. From Sloane's "Non abortiet ad praetorii gladii terriculum" (close to end) "terriculum" is omitted and the space filled in a later different hand "murxonem"{??].