[Reformatory and Refuge Union, London.] Three issues of 'The Classified List of Child-Saving Institutions, certified by Government or connected with the Reformatory and Refuge Union or Children's Aid Society.

[The Reformatory and Refuge Union or Children's Aid Society, London; Arthur J. S. Maddison]
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All three: London: Reformatory and Refuge Union, the first (15th ed, 1897) from 32 Charing Cross, S.W., and the other two (19th ed., 1909; 21st ed., 1915) from Victoria House, 117, Victoria Street, S.W.
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The three items in uniform light-blue wraps. Housed in a worn solander box with brass clasp. With labels, stamps and shelfmarks of the Board of Education Reference Library. The first of the three 128pp., 8vo. Bound with 'The Law relating to Child-Saving and Reformatory Effecs. Being extracts from Acts of Parliament And other Information. Compiled by Arthur J. S. Maddison' (London: Reformatory and Refuge Union, 1896), 91 + [1]pp., 8vo. The second item is 139 pp., 8vo, and the third 160pp., 8vo. Each volume provides a mass of information in numerous entries, grouped under headings including English [Scottish; Irish] Institutions for Children; Discharged Prisoners' Aid Societies; Magdalen Institutions; Institutions for Inebriates; Refuges and Homes for Discharged Prisioners. Only one of the three traced on COPAC: the 1915 edition in a run at Cambridge University.