[Société marocaine de Production cinématographique.] Four items: typed synopsis and press release for Vicky Ivernel's film 'Kenzi' ('Mon Tresor'), with two ALsS from producer J. M. Brandel in Paris to English distributor Wynne-Rushton.

[Major Gerald Wynne-Rushton; Société marocaine de Production cinématographique; Moroccan film industry; Simone Berriau, French actress; Habib Reda, actor; J. M. Brandel; Vicky Ivernel]
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Both of Brandel's letters on his letterhead, 23 Rue Raynouard, Paris. One dated 19 October 1947 and the other (earlier) undated. Typed synopsis and press release both undated, but on release of film in 1948.
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The collection is in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. The six items are from the Wynne-Rushton papers. The first four relate to the 1948 Moroccan film 'Kenzi', for which Wynne-Rushton was working as English distributor, produced by the Société marocaine de Production cinématographique, produced by Brandel's company Eden Film Productions, with French actress Simone Berriau (1896-1984) as art director, and featuring a young Habib Reda (1932-1974). ONE: ALS from Brandel ('Joe') to 'Dear Gerald'. 2pp., 8vo. Slight staining to second page. He apologises for the 'telegram-style letter', explaining that 'We are in the middle of rehearsing at Antoine [i.e. Theatre Antoine, where Berriau was director]'. Regarding the film he writes: 'the music in Kenzi is modern arabic suitable for all ears [...] Kenzi comes out <?> before the P<?>, and numerous Arab personalities - next week before French with sub-titles. | We had a small showing - but it is a 1A picture - bound to be a success - and easy to sell on showing.' Brandel continues with suggestions and instructions, before concluding on the subject of 'Plays', asking Wynne-Rushton whether he is 'Still interested in other propositions?' TWO: Unsigned ALS from Brandel to 'Dear Gerald'. 2pp., 8vo, and 1p., landscape 12mo. After a brief discussion of Wynne-Rushton's disagreements with 'Nebbi', Brandel continues: 'You have thrown yourself with a lot of energy and enthousiasm [sic] on the very difficult job of theatre and film representation and I would hate to see you give it up - the more so as results in this business are long and doubtful. | Unless you desire otherwise - please continue - I think the only exceptions are the Ustinov contacts and maybe <?> at the Academy people - but if you can handle the latter please continue'. He next turns to 'Kenzi', which was 'shown to a very select gathering of Arab speaking personalities (including Hosmi Nagub of <?> who received a note from Fiad Sabib.) | Everyone was very enthousiastic [sic] - it was a terrific success.' He discusses future plans, with reference to 'Uncle Harry' (a film?). He asks him to send money to the Dutch sports journalist Albert Milhado (1910-2001), and refers to '<?> Brahms', before concluding: 'Re Plays - as I said before - I do not think French's Catalogue is the solution to my problem. We saw duet for two hands - quite good - but very macabre in these difficult days - but the rights were sold - So be on the look out for London's best plays. Thats's what we want.' THREE: Duplicated typed press release in French, headed 'SALAM | SOCIETE MAROCAINE DE PRODUCTION CINEMATOGRAPHIQUE | QUELQUES INDICATIONS SUR LA SOCIETE'. 1p., 8vo. Creased and worn at extremities. Explains that the Society is backed by the 'Pacha', represented by his son Caid Brahim el Glaoui, and that the following French individuals are involved: 'President du Conseil: General BOUSCAT | Adminustrateur [sic] Delegue: J. M. BRANDEL. | Direction Artistique: Madame Simone BERRIAU.' The Society's first film is 'Mon Tresor' or 'Kenzi', with the scenario taken from Yves Mirande's 'Un Trou dans le Mur'. 'Ce film est tourne dans les magnifiques Palais et les nombreux jardins du PACHA DE MARRAKECH ainsi qu'au pied de l'Atlas [...] Madame Simone Berriau, Directrice du Theatre Antoine, productrice et interprete de nombreux films, en assure la supervision artistique [...]'. Details of the others involved are given, including 'HABIB REDA [qui] a compose pour ce film plusieurs chansons qui ne manqueront pas de plaire au publique arabe ainsi qu'au public Europeen.' The release ends: 'Le dialogue comme on peut s'y attendre est de Mr Yves MIRANDE, toujours spirituel et plein d'humour parisien.' FOUR: Duplicated typed 'EXTRAIT DU SCENARIO'. 2pp., 8vo. With creasing and wear to extremities. Headed in pencil: '"KEMZI" | AN ARAB FILM with Arab Caste [sic] | FILMED BY EDEN PRODUCTIONS LTD, PARIS and MARAKESH (MOROCCO)'. Gives a full synopsis of the film, beginning: 'Un jeune garcon arabe (HABIB REDA) vient de finir avec succes a Paris ses etudes de medecin. | Il habite avec son ami (MAURICE BAQUET) egalement d'origine arabe. Ce dernier n'a jamais vu son pays natal et n'en parle presque pas la langue. Il est artiste de music hall et ses cachets aident les deux amis a couvrir leurs frais.'