[Gavin Lambert, Hollywood screenwriter, novelist and film historian.] Twenty-one items of correspondence addressed to Philip Dosse of Hanson Books ('Books and Bookmen', 'Films and Filming'), regarding reviewing and other matters.

Gavin Lambert (1924-2005), English-born Hollywood screenwriter, novelist and film historian [Philip Dosse (1925-1980), proprietor of Hanson Books, publisher of arts magazines]
Publication details: 
Dated items from 1973, 1974, 1975. Thirteen Typed Letters Signed from ‘Boite Postale 368 / Tanger Principale / 33 Avenue Mohammed V / TANGER, MOROCCO.’

Material relating to Lambert is in the Charles E. Young Research Library of the University of California. See his obituary by Sharon Waxman in the New York Times (‘Gavin Lambert, 80, Writer Who Chronicled Hollywood Life, Dies’), 19 July 2005, which describes him as ‘an incisive observer of life in Hollywood through his screenplays, novels and film histories’, whose writings ‘speak candidly about the realities of Hollywood stardom and about the potentially destructive effects of the industry's harsh demands on artistry’: ‘Mr.

[Muley Ali ben Abdeslam, Shareef of Wazan.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Muley Ali Cherif H. de Wazan'), in English, to Lady Green, regarding her gift of a hunting dog, with an Autograph Note Signed to Lady Green from his brother 'Muley Ahmed de Wazan'.

Muley Ali ben Abdeslam, Shareef of Wazan, husband of Emily Keene (1849-1949), Shareefa of Wazan [his brother Muley Ahmed; Tangier, Morocco]
Publication details: 
Both letters from Tangier. Muley Ali's dated 18 July 1893. Muley Ahmed's 23 January 1895.

The two letters in good condition, both laid down on pieces of card cut from an album.`ONE: ALS from 'Muley Ali Cherif H. de Wazan' to Lady Green. 1p., 12mo. Reads: 'Dear Lady Green | Thank you for the dog you were so kind as to send me. I find he is very good for hunting rabbits, a sport I am devoted to, It is most kind of you to promise to take care of him while I am away.' TWO: ANS from 'Muley Ahmed de Wazan'. 1p., 12mo. In purple ink. 'Dear Lady Green | I will arrange the affair you mentioned in your letter of yesterday. With compliments | Your's sincerely'.

[ Dieulafoy;Women at War;archaeologist; Persia; cross dressing ] Autograph Letter Signed "Dieulafoy" to unnamed correspondent, his eminent wife's initiative (training women to do jobs of men who became soldiers (1913). and the circumstances of her death.

Marcel-Auguste Dieulafoy (1844-1920), French archaeologist, noted for his excavations at Susa, author of L'Art anti
Publication details: 
"Secteur Postal 205 | 23 Janvier 1917".

Three pages, 8vo, black border, fold marks, small closed tears, text complete and clear. With official printed stamp next to signature, "Le Lt-Colonel DIEULAFOY | Charge du Service du Genie des Etapes". He has received an article in "L'Eveil" by his correspondent concerning his "chere compagne" [ Jane Dieulafoy, distinguished archaeologist, explorer and feminist, who died in May 1916, hence the black border to this letter ]. He specifies the putting in relief of the "initiative prise par ma chere compagne au printemps le 1913 [conscription of women, conference 1913 - see notes below].

[ Richard Harington, Acting Chief Justice of Gibraltar; counterfeiters ] Autograph 'Draft Judgment' in the case 'Rex v Alvarez & ano[the]r [ Galliano ]', the accused being counterfeiters of Moroccan money,

Sir Richard Harington (1861-1931) of Ridlington, 12th Baronet, as acting Chief Justice of Gibraltar
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the 'Judges' Chambers', 'Supreme Court | Gibraltar.' Dated by Harington 'Gibraltar | 18 May 1901'.

10pp., 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, on ten leaves held together with a brass stud. With a number of deletions and emendations.

[Société marocaine de Production cinématographique.] Four items: typed synopsis and press release for Vicky Ivernel's film 'Kenzi' ('Mon Tresor'), with two ALsS from producer J. M. Brandel in Paris to English distributor Wynne-Rushton.

[Major Gerald Wynne-Rushton; Société marocaine de Production cinématographique; Moroccan film industry; Simone Berriau, French actress; Habib Reda, actor; J. M. Brandel; Vicky Ivernel]
Publication details: 
Both of Brandel's letters on his letterhead, 23 Rue Raynouard, Paris. One dated 19 October 1947 and the other (earlier) undated. Typed synopsis and press release both undated, but on release of film in 1948.

The collection is in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. The six items are from the Wynne-Rushton papers. The first four relate to the 1948 Moroccan film 'Kenzi', for which Wynne-Rushton was working as English distributor, produced by the Société marocaine de Production cinématographique, produced by Brandel's company Eden Film Productions, with French actress Simone Berriau (1896-1984) as art director, and featuring a young Habib Reda (1932-1974). ONE: ALS from Brandel ('Joe') to 'Dear Gerald'. 2pp., 8vo. Slight staining to second page.

Autograph Letter Signed from Sir Gerald Campbell ('Gerald Campbell') to Ernest Gye of the Foreign Office, on his posting to Tangier.

Sir Gerald Campbell (1879-1964), British diplomat, Consul General to the United States, 1931-1938, and High Commissioner to Canada, 1938-1941 [Ernest Frederick Gye (1879-1955), diplomat]
Publication details: 
'New York', on H.M. Government letterhead; 11 January 1933.

2 pp, 12mo. 18 lines. Text clear and complete. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed to 'My dear Ernest'. The news that Gye has been posted to Damascus is 'exciting', although 'it will be funny & deserted - like to come home & not find you at the seat of custom'. Gye had spoken of going abroad, so he was not surprised, '& Lady Armstrong said recently that you were about to seek another field'. Regarding Gye's painting, he 'will have lots of interesting things to limn (that's a good word)'.

Autograph Letter Signed from Sir Gilbert Mackereth ('Gilbert Mackereth'), British Consul at Damascus, to Ernest Gye of the Foreign Office, on his posting to Tangier, and including a discussion of British artists there.

Sir Gilbert Mackereth (1892-1962), British army officer and diplomat [Ernest Frederick Gye (1879-1955), diplomat; Damascus, Syria; Henry Bishop (1868-1939), RA, British artist]
Publication details: 
On letterheads of the British Consulate, Damascus; 21 January 1933.

8 pp, 12mo. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed to 'Dear Ernest'. He begins by congratulating Gye on his promotion and 'on going to Tangier - a delightful spot'. It is however 'very sad' that Gye's 'guiding hand over our destinies will no longer be there in the Office'. He thanks Gye for his 'kindness' and 'sympathy': 'My path has lain along uneventful ways and it has been an untold solace to feel you did not despise those who had mearly [sic] to 'stand & wait''.

Grammatical Sketch and Specimens of the Berber Language: preceded by four Letters on Berber Etymologies . . .Read October 2nd, 1829.

William B. Hodgson (1801-1871), scholar-diplomat
Grammatical Sketch and Specimens of the Berber Language
Publication details: 
Grammatical Sketch and Specimens of the Berber Language

Offprint, "Transactions of the American Philosophical Society", vol.iv, New Series, brown paper wraps, 48pp., 4to, two one-word corrections in Hodgson's hand, some foxing, marginal chipping of page edges, fair. INSCRIBED "To President Adams | With the hommage | of W B Hodgson". Note: Hodgson served in the State Department through the influence of Henry Clay who, when secretary of state in Adams's administration, "assigned Hodgson to the Barbary States . . ."

Manuscript account book entitled 'Acco[un]t of Disbursem[en]ts transferred from Marble Covered Book (A)'.

Publication details: 
25 November to 19 December 1771.

Twenty-two leaves, stitched (last leaf loose), in original marbled wraps. 12mo (roughly ten centimeters by fifteen centimetres). Written in a small, neat hand, over columns ruled in red. In good condition although worn and dogeared, except for the loose leaf which is discoloured, frayed and worn, and rear wrap (which carries accounts on its interior), which has loss to the foot. Text entirely legible.

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