['Shady deals' re Aylesford Priory.] Two Typed Letters Signed from Carmelite friar and prior Malachy Lynch to Major G. Wynne-Rushton, with two letters written for him (by ‘J. Cleeves’ and ‘J. R.’), on ‘Soulsby’s shady deals’ over a pilgrimage to Rome

Malachy Lynch (1899-1972), Irish Carmelite friar who restored Aylesford Priory, Kent, and was its Prior [Major Gerald Wynne-Rushton (b;1894), Roman Catholic author]
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Lynch's two letters: 21 January [1950] and 4 February 1950. Letter by 'J. Cleeves': 9 February [1950]. Letter by 'J. R.': 24 March [1950]. All four on letterhead of The Friars, Aylesford, Kent.

The context appears to be that Wynne-Rushton is supplying Aylesford with ‘inside information’ regarding the ‘shady deals’ of one Soulsby, proprietor of the Westminster Association, a travel agent’s being employed by Aylesford with regard to a pilgrimage to Rome. Lynch’s two letters and that of J. Cleeve’s all in good condition, lightly aged and each folded three times. Letter by ‘J. R.’ in fair condition, on aged paper. Lynch’s letters are both signed ‘Malachy Lynch O. Carm.’ ONE: By Lynch, 21 January [1950]. He explains: ‘I understood that the Agency had made provision already for 1,000.

[Irving Wardle, theatre critic.] Autograph Letter Signed to Gerald Wynne-Rushton, giving advice on offering a play, with reference to a letter he has received from Emyr Humphreys, producer of BBC TV production of Saunders Lewis’s ‘Siwan’.

Irving Wardle [John Irving Wardle] (born 1929), theatre critic and champion of Harold Pinter [Gerald Wynne-Rushton (1894-), Catholic writer]
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16 March [no year, but between 1960 and 1963]; on letterhead of the Observer, London.

Wardle worked as Kenneth Tynan’s deputy on the Observer between 1959 and 1963. Wynne-Rushton had published a play titled ‘The Gull’s Way’ in 1930, and a book on the papacy for Catholic publishers Burns, Oates and Washburne two years later. 2pp, 4to. In fair condition, folded three times, with wear and loss along one fold line of the second leaf, resulting in loss of a few words of text. Signed ‘Irving Wardle’ and addressed to ‘Dear Mr. Rushton’, identified as G. W. Wynne-Rushton by associated correspondence.

[ Gerald Wynne-Rushton. ] Typed copy of paper titled 'Some Suggestions towards the Creation of an Arab Drama', putting forward ideas after 'much pondering of the means by which a National Arab Drama could be created'.

[ Gerald Wynne-Rushton [ Gerald Wynne Rushton ] (b.1894), Catholic writer and orientalist; Aghabab Advertising & Publicity Bureau, Baghdad, Iraq ]
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Without place or date. [Aghabab Advertising & Publicity Bureau, Baghdad, Iraq; 1950s.]

7 + [1]pp., 4to. Carbon. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with punch holes at margin and creasing to final leaf. The seven pages of the paper are followed by an eighth page headed 'Music'. Written in the late 1950s, when Wynne-Rushton was advertising manager at the Aghabab Advertising & Publicity Bureau, Baghdad, and with particular reference to Iraq. The first paragraph reads: 'The following ideas are put forward after much pondering of the means by which a National Arab Drama could be created.

[Aghabab Advertising & Publicity Bureau, Baghdad, Iraq.] Duplicated translation of letter of introduction from Staff Brigadier Muhsen Mohamed Ali, Acting Director General of Guidance & Broadcasting, Iraq, for G. W. Wynne-Rushton, Advertising Manager.

Staff Brigadier Muhsen Mohamed Ali, Acting Director General of Guidance & Broadcasting, Iraq [Major Gerald Wynne-Rushton; Aghabab Advertising & Publicity Bureau, Baghdad, Iraq]
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Baghdad, Iraq, 11 February 1958.

Two items, in good condition. ONE: Duplicated typescript (1p., 8vo) headed 'TRANSLATION | MINISTRY OF INTERIOR. | DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF UIDANCE [sic] AND BROADCASTING'. Dated from 'Baghdad (Iraq)' on 11 February 1958. A letter of introduction for 'Mr. G. Wynne-Rushton', to five government ministries from 'Staff Brigadier Muhsen Mohamed Ali, Acting Director General of Guidance & Broadcasting'. Begins: 'Mr. G. Wynne-Rushton, who is now staying in Baghdad, is the Advertising Manager of Messrs.

[Société marocaine de Production cinématographique.] Four items: typed synopsis and press release for Vicky Ivernel's film 'Kenzi' ('Mon Tresor'), with two ALsS from producer J. M. Brandel in Paris to English distributor Wynne-Rushton.

[Major Gerald Wynne-Rushton; Société marocaine de Production cinématographique; Moroccan film industry; Simone Berriau, French actress; Habib Reda, actor; J. M. Brandel; Vicky Ivernel]
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Both of Brandel's letters on his letterhead, 23 Rue Raynouard, Paris. One dated 19 October 1947 and the other (earlier) undated. Typed synopsis and press release both undated, but on release of film in 1948.

The collection is in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. The six items are from the Wynne-Rushton papers. The first four relate to the 1948 Moroccan film 'Kenzi', for which Wynne-Rushton was working as English distributor, produced by the Société marocaine de Production cinématographique, produced by Brandel's company Eden Film Productions, with French actress Simone Berriau (1896-1984) as art director, and featuring a young Habib Reda (1932-1974). ONE: ALS from Brandel ('Joe') to 'Dear Gerald'. 2pp., 8vo. Slight staining to second page.

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