['Shady deals' re Aylesford Priory.] Two Typed Letters Signed from Carmelite friar and prior Malachy Lynch to Major G. Wynne-Rushton, with two letters written for him (by ‘J. Cleeves’ and ‘J. R.’), on ‘Soulsby’s shady deals’ over a pilgrimage to Rome

Malachy Lynch (1899-1972), Irish Carmelite friar who restored Aylesford Priory, Kent, and was its Prior [Major Gerald Wynne-Rushton (b;1894), Roman Catholic author]
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Lynch's two letters: 21 January [1950] and 4 February 1950. Letter by 'J. Cleeves': 9 February [1950]. Letter by 'J. R.': 24 March [1950]. All four on letterhead of The Friars, Aylesford, Kent.

The context appears to be that Wynne-Rushton is supplying Aylesford with ‘inside information’ regarding the ‘shady deals’ of one Soulsby, proprietor of the Westminster Association, a travel agent’s being employed by Aylesford with regard to a pilgrimage to Rome. Lynch’s two letters and that of J. Cleeve’s all in good condition, lightly aged and each folded three times. Letter by ‘J. R.’ in fair condition, on aged paper. Lynch’s letters are both signed ‘Malachy Lynch O. Carm.’ ONE: By Lynch, 21 January [1950]. He explains: ‘I understood that the Agency had made provision already for 1,000.

[Dominican and Franciscan Friars in England during the reign of Henry III.] Unpublished historical study in typescript, titled 'The Friars in England. An Essay'.

Elizabeth E. Smith, B.A. [Dominican and Franciscan Friars in England during the reign of Henry III.]
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Birmingham, 1908.

Title-page: 'The Friars in England. | An Essay | by | Elizabeth E. Smith, B.A. | Birmingham – 1908.' Duplicated typescript, printed on versos only. [1] + x + [1] + 209pp, 4to. With hand-drawn plans on two leaves at rear (the first, 'Site of the Blackfriars of Leicester'; the second, 'Carmelite Friary at Hulne' and 'Dominican Friary at Norwich'. In half binding of black leather spine and corners, with purple cloth boards, title in gilt on front cover, floral printed endpapers. Tightly copy, in good condition, on lightly aged paper, in lightly worn binding with slight discoloration to cloth.

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