['Shady deals' re Aylesford Priory.] Two Typed Letters Signed from Carmelite friar and prior Malachy Lynch to Major G. Wynne-Rushton, with two letters written for him (by ‘J. Cleeves’ and ‘J. R.’), on ‘Soulsby’s shady deals’ over a pilgrimage to Rome

Malachy Lynch (1899-1972), Irish Carmelite friar who restored Aylesford Priory, Kent, and was its Prior [Major Gerald Wynne-Rushton (b;1894), Roman Catholic author]
Publication details: 
Lynch's two letters: 21 January [1950] and 4 February 1950. Letter by 'J. Cleeves': 9 February [1950]. Letter by 'J. R.': 24 March [1950]. All four on letterhead of The Friars, Aylesford, Kent.

The context appears to be that Wynne-Rushton is supplying Aylesford with ‘inside information’ regarding the ‘shady deals’ of one Soulsby, proprietor of the Westminster Association, a travel agent’s being employed by Aylesford with regard to a pilgrimage to Rome. Lynch’s two letters and that of J. Cleeve’s all in good condition, lightly aged and each folded three times. Letter by ‘J. R.’ in fair condition, on aged paper. Lynch’s letters are both signed ‘Malachy Lynch O. Carm.’ ONE: By Lynch, 21 January [1950]. He explains: ‘I understood that the Agency had made provision already for 1,000.

[Rev. Anthony Egerton Brydges, son of Sir Samuel Egerton Brydges, proprietor of the Lee Priory Press.] Autograph Note Signed to John Sainsbury, regarding the ‘black cane’ he left at his house the day before.

Rev. Anthony Egerton Brydges (1802-1849), editor of ‘The Literary Magnet’ with his father Sir Samuel Egerton Brydges] (1762-1837), author, bibliographer and proprietor of the Lee Priory Press
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20 May 1840; Webb’s Hotel, Piccadilly [London].

1p, 12mo. On bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Addressed on reverse of second leaf, with minuting and broken seal in red wax, ‘To / John Sainsbury Esqre / 35 Red Lion Square’. Reads: ‘Dear Sir, / It occurs to me that I left my black cane at your house when I was with you yesterday. If so, would you give it to the bearer of this note / Yr’s thankfully / A Egerton Brydges’.

[Engraving by John Pye, from drawing by Robert Balmanno, printed by John Johnson (of the Lee Priory Press).] Engraving of 'Cenotaph erected at Stoke Park, to the Memory of the Poet Gray.' With text including the 'Inscriptions on the Cenotaph'.

John Johnson (1777-1848), typographer and printer (at the Lee Priory Press of Sir Egerton Brydges); Robert Balmanno (1780-1861), connoisseur; John Pye (1782-1874), engraver; Thomas Gray
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'Johnson, Typ.' 1818.

On 34 x 27 cm unwatermarked laid paper. Dimensions of plate 34 x 23 cm. Dimensions of print 5.1 x 7.4 cm. Dimensions of print and text 15 x 7.4 cm. In fair condition, lightly aged, spotted and creased, with stub from album adhering to one margin. This is an early state of a print of which the British Library has a copy (acquired in 1867) of the undated third state, dated to 1820, carrying only four lines of text rather than the substantial amount present here. The present copy has, engraved in small letters immediately beneath the print: 'Robt. Balmanno delt. 1818. Jno.

Printed pamphlet: 'The Priory of the Blessed Virgin and Saint James, Birkenhead. A Paper, read before the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 20th March, 1890.'

Charles Aldridge, F.R.I.B.A. [ The Priory of the Blessed Virgin and Saint James, Birkenhead ]
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Liverpool: Printed by Thomas Brakell Limited, 58, Dale Street, 1892.

20pp., 8vo. With eleven plates, one of them a double. Stitched and unbound. Grey paper front cover with title present, but lacking rear cover. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with stitching added to strengthen spine. Tastefully presented. Begins: 'As an architect resident in Birkenhead for nearly twenty years, I have naturally taken considerable interest in the one relic of antiquity in that most modern of English towns.

[Sir Egerton Brydges.] Part of the Autograph Manuscript of his 'Clavering's Auto-Biography', containing portraits of Mrs Chapone, Captain Francis Grose, Joseph Ritson, Isaac D'Israeli, the Miss Burys; Dr Charles Symmons and Caroline Symmons.]

Sir Egerton Brydges [Samuel Egerton Brydges] (1762-1837), writer and genealogist [Lee Priory Press; Mrs Chapone; Francis Grose; Joseph Ritson; Isaac D'Israeli; Dr Charles Symmons; Horace Walpole]
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Without date or place, but published in 'The Metropolitan' magazine, London, July 1832.

On both sides of a 33 x 12.5 cm strip of paper. In fair condition, lightly-aged, with tiny part of mount adhering to one corner, and the merest loss to another. 'Egerton Bry' is written in another small hand in light pencil at the head. The Osborn Collection at Yale possesses what its catalogue entry describes as a 'probably incomplete' section of the manuscript, ' purporting to be the memoirs of a certain John Fitznigel Clavering, whose career and interests bear a strong likeness to those of Brydges himself'. The Yale cataloguer is unaware that 'Clavering's Auto-Biography.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Seymour Lucas') to 'Mr Wright' [W.H.K. Wright, editor of the Journal of the Ex-Libris Society?].

John Seymour Lucas (1849-1923), R.A., English artist and costume designer
Publication details: 
17 April 1906; on letterhead of Priory Place, Blythburgh, Suffolk.

Two pages, 12mo. Good, on lightly aged and creased paper. 'In the rush of finishing [his] Academy work' he finds Wright's letter 'among numerous others unanswered'. He will be returning to London in a fortnight 'and shall have great pleasure in sending you the bookplate together with an early one. Also my autograph &c.'

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