[‘The Reefer’s pain’: Royal Navy, 1806.] Unpublished Autograph Poem ‘The Cockpit’, Signed by ‘J H Grose Assistant Surgeon’, HMS Captain, describing a midshipman's life, with reference to Rear-Admiral Robert Carthew Reynolds and Thomas John Dibdin.

J. H. Grose, Royal Navy Assistant Surgeon of His Majesty’s Ship Captain, 1806 [Rear-Admiral Robert Carthew Reynolds; Thomas John Dibdin; Lord Nelson]
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3 February 1806. On board HMS Captain.

An interesting and well-written poem, unpublished, casting light on the life of a midshipman in the Royal Navy in the year after Trafalgar. The author of this poem is frustratingly elusive (he was perhaps a member of the family of the antiquary Francis Grose, 1731-1791), but the 1787 Captain was a 74-gun third rater of some renown, having been captained by Nelson at the 1797 Battle of St Vincent. In the year following this poem she would act as one of the escorts for the expedition that left Falmouth and eventually attacked Buenos Aires.

[ 1968 Tokyo Olympic Games. ] Autograph 'Olympic Diary' of Brigadier James Grose, equestrian team manager, covering the period leading up to the opening ceremony; with accounts. With 'situation report for Col Ansell', telegrams, receipts.

Brigadier James Grose, Director of the Burghley Horse Trials and British equestrian team manager at 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games [ Col. Sir Michael Picton Ansell (1905-1994) ]
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'British Equestrian Team | Yo-yogi Village' [Tokyo, Japan]. 23 September to 14 October 1964.

38pp., 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. In 'Note Book Made of paper Specially prepared in Japan'. On front cover: 'J. GROSE | British Equestrian Team | Yo-yogi Village | Olympic Diary'. Begins on 23 September with flight from London Airport via Bombay. In Hong Kong he dines with 'Algie (Lady O'Connor)' at Flagstaff House. In the Olympic Village at Yoyogi on 26 September he discusses problems 'in our hut (448)', before inspecting 'the Equestrian Centre (Baji-Koen)'.

[Sir Egerton Brydges.] Part of the Autograph Manuscript of his 'Clavering's Auto-Biography', containing portraits of Mrs Chapone, Captain Francis Grose, Joseph Ritson, Isaac D'Israeli, the Miss Burys; Dr Charles Symmons and Caroline Symmons.]

Sir Egerton Brydges [Samuel Egerton Brydges] (1762-1837), writer and genealogist [Lee Priory Press; Mrs Chapone; Francis Grose; Joseph Ritson; Isaac D'Israeli; Dr Charles Symmons; Horace Walpole]
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Without date or place, but published in 'The Metropolitan' magazine, London, July 1832.

On both sides of a 33 x 12.5 cm strip of paper. In fair condition, lightly-aged, with tiny part of mount adhering to one corner, and the merest loss to another. 'Egerton Bry' is written in another small hand in light pencil at the head. The Osborn Collection at Yale possesses what its catalogue entry describes as a 'probably incomplete' section of the manuscript, ' purporting to be the memoirs of a certain John Fitznigel Clavering, whose career and interests bear a strong likeness to those of Brydges himself'. The Yale cataloguer is unaware that 'Clavering's Auto-Biography.

Autograph Letter Signed to Lord Harmsworth, presenting a copy of ' "Ye Pepys Journall" 1665-1954', containing a 'List of Portraits Commissioned and Painted', and biographical information, including an account of the her bookselling mother.

Margaret Grose, artist [Samuel Pepys; Samuel Johnson; Cecil Harmsworth, 1st Baron Harmsworth; Francis Grose]
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Letter: 2 June 1955; addressed from ' "Ye Pepys Journall", 37. St Martin's Court, W.C.2.' Journal: 'C. E. Gray, Kennington, London'

Letter: 12mo, 2 pp. Bifolium. Good, on aged paper, with small rust stain at head from paperclip. She is writing to Harmsworth ('President, Dr Johnson's House') to ask him to accept a copy of 'my Journal in which mention is made of my Portrait of Dr Samuel Johnson which hangs in the Garrett of Dr Samuel Johnson house this was presented by H. B. Wheatley whom I knew for many years.' On a visit to the curator of Johnson's house she was 'pleased to see the picture still hands in its original place'.

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