[Muley Ali ben Abdeslam, Shareef of Wazan.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Muley Ali Cherif H. de Wazan'), in English, to Lady Green, regarding her gift of a hunting dog, with an Autograph Note Signed to Lady Green from his brother 'Muley Ahmed de Wazan'.

Muley Ali ben Abdeslam, Shareef of Wazan, husband of Emily Keene (1849-1949), Shareefa of Wazan [his brother Muley Ahmed; Tangier, Morocco]
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Both letters from Tangier. Muley Ali's dated 18 July 1893. Muley Ahmed's 23 January 1895.

The two letters in good condition, both laid down on pieces of card cut from an album.`ONE: ALS from 'Muley Ali Cherif H. de Wazan' to Lady Green. 1p., 12mo. Reads: 'Dear Lady Green | Thank you for the dog you were so kind as to send me. I find he is very good for hunting rabbits, a sport I am devoted to, It is most kind of you to promise to take care of him while I am away.' TWO: ANS from 'Muley Ahmed de Wazan'. 1p., 12mo. In purple ink. 'Dear Lady Green | I will arrange the affair you mentioned in your letter of yesterday. With compliments | Your's sincerely'.

Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed male correspondent.

HH Al-Haj Nawab Mirza Sir Amiruddin Ahmed Khan (1859-1937), Nawab of Loharu
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16 January 1903; 'P. C. Camp.'

Two pages,8vo. Good, on foxed paper discoloured with age. Gives details of his departure from Delhi from the main station on the following evening. 'I ask your favour to arrange for 9 guns salute to be fired at the time of departure.' Thanks him for 'all the trouble you had to look after my comfort, and attending to the ceremonial occasions.'

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