[ Dieulafoy;Women at War;archaeologist; Persia; cross dressing ] Autograph Letter Signed "Dieulafoy" to unnamed correspondent, his eminent wife's initiative (training women to do jobs of men who became soldiers (1913). and the circumstances of her death.

Marcel-Auguste Dieulafoy (1844-1920), French archaeologist, noted for his excavations at Susa, author of L'Art anti
Publication details: 
"Secteur Postal 205 | 23 Janvier 1917".

Three pages, 8vo, black border, fold marks, small closed tears, text complete and clear. With official printed stamp next to signature, "Le Lt-Colonel DIEULAFOY | Charge du Service du Genie des Etapes". He has received an article in "L'Eveil" by his correspondent concerning his "chere compagne" [ Jane Dieulafoy, distinguished archaeologist, explorer and feminist, who died in May 1916, hence the black border to this letter ]. He specifies the putting in relief of the "initiative prise par ma chere compagne au printemps le 1913 [conscription of women, conference 1913 - see notes below].

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