['Restricted' War Office publication.] Instructions regarding Kit and Equipment for Officers. 1944.

'By Command of the Army Council' [The War Office, Whitehall; British government publications; Second World War]
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The War Office [Whitehall], 2nd February, 1944. ['Notified in A.C.Is.']
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[1] + 15pp., 12mo. Stapled pamphlet. In fair condition, on aged paper, with vertical fold. Divided into 17 sections (including 'Sub-Tropical and Tropical Climates', 'Compensation for Loss or Damage' and 'Weight of Clothing and Equipment'), under the main headings: 'Uniform - Home Service' and 'Method of obtaining Uniform, etc.' Three appendices, including 'List of Uniform Officers are Required to Provide during the Present Emergency' and 'Weights of Principal Items of Officers' Clothing and Equipment'. From a small archive of material belonging to Daphne Kayton of the Royal Army Medical Corps. Copies only in IWM and the Dutch equivalent.