[ 'Rose's Patent Lifeboats, Ltd.' and 'G. Fitzhardinge Rose's Patent Submarine Lifeboats'. ] Printed share prospectus (with reference to Titanic disaster), and separate 'Short Explanation', with diagrams, one of them printed on its own sheet.

G. Fitzhardinge Rose's Patent Submarine Lifeboats; Rose's Patent Lifeboats, Ltd. [ George Fitzhardinge Rose (1862-1933), London china dealer and inventor; Commander James Harrison; RMS Titanic ]
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All items circa 1913. The main prospectus without printing details. The 'Short Explanation': 'Printed by Hazell & Viney, Ltd., London and Aylesbury.'
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ONE: Prospectus headed: 'Rose's Patent Lifeboats, Ltd. | Share Capital £125,000 in 125,000 Shares of £1 each. | Boats for all for passenger steamers :: The Difficulty Solved | Prospectus.' Printed on one side of a piece of 62.5 x 46.5 cm paper. In fair condition, aged and creased, with some wear to extremities. With four diagrams: 'For Passenger Steamers. - Steel seamless lifeboat. Completely covered in, and a life raft combined. Design No. 8.' and 'Submarine showing position of lifeboat fixed' and 'Submarine lifeboat. Showing Inside Section and Section of Watertight Compartment in which it is placed' and 'For passenger steamers. Design No. 4. Cylinder shape, showing inside.' The text includes two boxed-in sections: the first, headed 'Special Note', concerns Rose's submission on '26 March' of a design to 'the Boats and Davits Committee', who express their satisfaction; the second, headed 'An Expert's Report' reprints the text of a long letter to Rose from 'James Harrison, late Commander R.M.S. "Royal George."', dated 22 May 1913. A persuasive document, the boats for passenger steamers being 'a steel lifeboat made in TWO PIECES, which are then joined, making it absolutely watertight. IT CANNOT SINK.' Among the features are a telescopic flagstaff, a distress rocket, wireless telegraphy outfit, a sea anchor, as well as 'a lavatory, which is a great boon, and a battery for electric light'. The description ends: 'Had the TITANIC been fitted with these boats there need have been NO LOSS OF LIFE AT ALL from drowning or EXPOSURE. | Naturally, passengers will travel for PREFERENCE by steamers carrying these boats. This fact should make them UNIVERSAL.' The prospectus also features a 'Short Explanation' of 'G. F. Rose's Patent Submarine Lifeboat', which is 'designed to prevent the awful loss of life in submarines'. TWO: Headed 'G. Fitzhardinge Rose's Patent Submarine Lifeboats.' 2pp., 8vo., on 34 x 21.5 cm leaf. In fair condition, on aged paper with wear to extremities. Text headed 'Short Explanation', with identical text to the similarly-headed section in Item One. Three diagrams (two of them larger and differently-engraved versions of images with same captions in Item One): 'Submarine showing position of lifeboat fixed', 'Submarine lifeboat. Showing Inside Section of Watertight Compartment in which it is placed.' and 'Submarine lifeboat. Showing the other Inside Section.' THREE: Uncaptioned larger version of first engraving in Item One, on 20.5 x 32.5 cm paper. No accompanying text. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper.