[ The Double Crown Club. ] Illustrated menu for the 35th dinner of the Double Crown Club (chaired by Thomas Balston and with a paper delivered by Stanley Morison), at the Cafe Royal, London.

The Double Crown Club, dining club and society of printers, London; Thomas Balston; Stanley Morison (1889-1967), typographer; The Times of London
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Printed in the offices of The Times, Printing House Square, London, EC4. 8 December 1932.
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Printed in black on a 45 x 28 cm piece of white card, folded twice to make a 22.5 x 14 cm bifolium. When opened out the card has the printing details and 'THE 35TH DINNER' on the otherwise blank reverse. Aged and worn. The outer covers of the card, opening out to 45 x 14 cm, carry a reversed photograph of a Miller & Richard chase, with form featuring the words 'DOUBLE CROWN CLUB'. Inside the card, the menu is on the right-hand page, and brief details of the dinner on the left-hand page, including: 'A Paper to be read by STANLEY MORISON | On the Old English Newspaper and "The Times New Roman" | with slides'.