[ The Trial of Queen Caroline, 1820. ] Manuscript draft 'Address to the King' (King George IV) [ by the nobility and gentry of Cambridgeshire ] censuring 'his present Ministers' for the 'extraordinary proceedings' against Queen Caroline.

[ Queen Caroline of Brunswick (1768-1821), consort of King George IV ] [ Samuel Wells, Under Sheriff of the County of Cambridgeshire ]
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[ Cambridgeshire, 1821. ]
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The present item is the subject of a letter to The Times, 1 August 1821, from Samuel Wells, 'Late Under Sheriff of Cambridgeshire', in which it is quoted as having been drawn up at a 'public meeting of the County of Cambridgeshire [...] convened by the late High Sheriff, in consquence of a requisition presented to him for that purpose, which requisition was signed by several noblemen and magistrates, with 27 other proprietors of considerable estates within the county'. 2pp., 4to. On watermarked laid paper. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Headed 'Copy', followed by 'We the undersigned &c'. The petition begins: 'An Address to the King expressive of our attachment to his Person & our Sense of the benefits we enjoy under an invaluable Constitution but at the same time respectfully to submit to his Majesty our opinion that his present Ministers by their total disregard to the distress of the nation both Agricultural & Commercial so frequently & forcibly expressed by Petitioners to both houses of Parliament, & also by the extraordinary proceedings which they lately originated against the Queen of England in defiance of every principle of English Constitutional Justice have lost the confidence of the people & can therefore no longer be useful or effective advisers of the Crown'.