[ Esperanto magazine. ] Four numbers of 'La Vagabondo', the organ of Caroline Oxenford's 'Esperantista Vagabonda Klubo'.

Caroline Oxenford (1865-1919) of Hove, Sussex, editor of the Esperanto magazine 'La Vagabondo', organ of 'La Esperantista Vagabonda Klubo' [ Eric Forbes-Robertson (1865-1935), artist and actor ]
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La Esperantista Vagabonda Klubo, 1 Wilbury Avenue, Hove, Sussex. Three from '2-a Serio': 'Nro. 8' ('Marto, 1912'), 'Nro. 10 ('Julio-Augusto, 1912') and 'Nro. 11' ('Septembro-Oktobro, 1912'). One from 'Serio 4': 'Nro. 1' ('Jan.-Februaro 1914').
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'La Vagabondo' (The Tramp) was the organ of 'La Esperantista Vagabonda Klubo', founded and edited by the artist Caroline Oxenford. Having previously been named 'La Vagabonda Monatajo' (January to March 1908) and 'La Vagabondisto' (April to July 1908), it became 'La Vagabondo' from September 1908. The First World War put an end to both club and magazine. The four issues are in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Uniform in design, and each 12pp., 4to. (although the last number is slightly taller), in printed wraps carrying advertisements. The three numbers from '2-a Serio' (all by 'W. G. Mead & Co., Printers, East Putney, S.W.'), all in cream wraps, have the same illustration on the front cover showing the nighttime silhouette of a house against trees; the number from 'Serio 4' (by 'William Bishop, Printer, Market Street, Edinburgh') has an illustration of a bearded tramp in a hat, with 'Eric Forbes-Robertson E.F.R.' at the foot. The magazines contain work attributed to various individuals, including K. M. Thornton, Leo Belmont, H. Boucon, J. Simpson and Ch. Brunet, with club reports by M. S. Rutter and M. McNeillie. There are also a number of illustrations, including full-page illustrations by Anne Estelle Rici, Eric Forbes-Robertson ('"Ekamo." | Lignogravurajo. | Speciale farila por "La Vagabondo." | de Sro. Eric Forbes-Robertson.') and Joseph Simpson. From the papers of Eric Forbes-Robertson.