[ Peter de Rome, 'Grandfather of Gay Porn'. ] Eight Letters (five in Autograph, three Typed), seven of them signed ('Peter.' and 'P.') to costume designer Ivan Alderman.

Peter de Rome (1924-2014), homosexual filmmaker, called 'Grandfather of Gay Porn' [ Ivan Alderman (d.2003), costume designer ]
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Four from 1986-1987, on letterheads of the Paramount Pictures Corporation, New York. The others from New York, 1997-1998, the last two with his monogram letterhead.
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The eight letters total 10pp., 4to., of which 3pp. are typed and 7pp. in autograph. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. De Rome's reputation was enlarged towards the end of his life, with the British Film Institute mounting a thrusting retrospective season, with an accompanying DVD and a penetrating documentary by David McGillivray, 'Peter de Rome: The Grandfather of Gay Porn' (2007). For more information on Alderman, who acted in de Rome's films 'Scopo' (1966) and 'The Second Coming' (1970), and who had been J. R. Ackerley's boyfriend for a year at the age of fifteen, see his Times obituary, 14 February 2003 ('Theatrical costume supervisor whose expertise was relied on by stars around the world [...] He never married.'). The items are dated as follows, with Five and Six in air mail envelopes, with stamps and postmarks, addressed by de Rome to 'Ivan Alderman, Esq. | 1 Brook Green Flats | Dunsany Road | London W14 OJR | ENGLAND'.ONE: Autograph. Undated (late 1985). On letterhead of Paramount Pictures Corporation, New York 1p., 8vo. TWO: Typed. 6 February 1986. On Paramount letterhead. 1p., 8vo. Incomplete: first page only. THREE: Typed. 11 September 1986. On Paramount letterhead. 1p., 8vo. FOUR: Typed. 29 January 1987. On paramount letterhead. 1p., 8vo. FIVE: Autograph. 16 February 1997. New York. 2pp., 8vo. SIX: Autograph. 31 March 1997. 2pp., 8vo. SEVEN: Autograph. 15 April 1998. New York. 1p., 8vo. EIGHT: 23 October [1998?]. New York. A chatty, gossipy correspondence, mainly concerning news of friends and the practicalities surrounding the upkeep of a house, apparently jointly-owned, in Sandwich, Kent. Topics include: 'Bar and Arthur's 25th wedding anniversary' ('About 50 people, with an orchestra and dancing and five round tables with ten queens at each. Oh, I guess there were also a few ladies ? but not Jane Greenwood, with whom Ray was staying overnight. They're not very friendly, you know.'), 'poor Audrey's death', Steve and Chrissie, Lyan Fairhurst; 'the Sandwich bills', Ray and Harry, Polly and Jimmy Kelsey, David Fernbach, 'my Erotic Bedside Book idea', the death of Dotts Johnson ('Madeleine S's lover of 35 years'), Des and Lance. The letter of 11 September 1986 begins, possibly with reference to Derek Jarman: 'Derek called me last week (about a possible courier for some NT items, for which I regretfully couldn't help him) and he told me the sad news about Marjorie, [?]'. The letter concludes with news of his studio: 'There have been many lay-offs at Paramount, but so far I have been overlooked. Dunno how much longer it will last, but wouldn't be surprised if it's all over come next spring And that'll be okay by me, as I didn't expect to be here more than two years anyway.' On 31 March 1997 he admits to cheating the UK benefits system: 'Joy forwarded the Council Tax Demand to me ? which is for ?434.28. But because of my Income Support we don't have to pay anything! So sometimes there is good news. Not a word to anyone, though!'