[Slavery in Hinds County, Mississippi.] Manuscript 'list of the property Appraised belonging to the Estate of D P Perkins Dec[ease]d', including page of slaves valued at $11150, signed by the three appraisers. With warrant by Judge H. G. Johnston.

Slavery in Hinds County, Mississippi; estate of Daniel P. Perkins (died 1841); Judge H. G. Johnston; J. J. Birdsong; Dr Edward W. Eckles; George C. Porter
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Johnston's warrant: The State of Mississippi, Hinds County. 26 January 1842. Manuscript 'appraisment [sic]' of same date.
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Two documents attached with wafers. Both in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: Authorisation, signed by 'H G Johnston', 'Judge of Probate of the county of Hinds', issued 28 October 1841, with sworn agreement to act as appraisers, signed by three men, 26 January 1842. 1p., 12mo. Printed form, completed in manuscript. Headed 'The State of Mississippi, | Hinds County.' Signed by 'H G Johnston' and his clerk 'S S. Scott'. Sworn with signatures of the three appraisers 'J J Birdsong', 'E. W. Eckles' and George. C. Porter', before 'Henry Hardy J.P.' Addressed to 'Thos L Simmerald Peter Goad J. J. Bird Song. George C Porter and Dr Eccles – or to any these of whom', and authorising them 'jointly to appraise the goods, chattels, and personal estate of Daniel P Perkins late of Hinds county, deceased'. TWO: Manuscript. 4pp., 4to. Bifolium. Headed 'January 26th 1842 | 'A list of the property Appraised belonging to the Estate of D P Perkins Decd', Itemised with individual valuations, and amounting to $13207.50. At end, above the signatures of Birdsong, Eckles and Porter: 'We certify that the above account is a true statement of the appraisement. Given under our hands and seals this the 26th day of January 1842'. (The word 'Seal' is written beside each signature, but no seals are present.) The final three pages carry furniture, vehicles and household goods (also 'Plantation utensils & old Irons', $25), but the point of interest is the first page, which consists exclusively of a list of 22 entries of slaves, each priced, and amounting to $11,150. The first is 'Levi A Man aged about forty', $800, and the last is 'One half of Sam a man aged 48', $250. Most expensive at $1000 is 'Emaline a Woman aged 38 and three children | Josh aged 8 Jennifer aged 6 Amanda 1'. At $800 is 'Polly a Wo,man aged 24 and Child'. At $700 is 'Aggy aged 45 Daniel 8 and Pinck 10 her two Children'. Entered in as worthless is 'Vina a girl aged 16 Blind'. Jefferson Jarred Birdsong] (1810-1894) of Brownsville, is described in 'Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi' as 'One of the pioneer planter of Hinds County, Miss., […] well-known and highly esteemed'. In 1835, in St Louis, Missouri, one 'Michael Edwards a coloured lad' petitioned that Birdsong, knowing him to be 'a free person', was keeping him against his will as a slave.