[ Reginald Hill, crime writer ] Five Autograph Postcards and Cards Signed (all pictorial) "Reg" to Hunter Davies, author and journalist, and friend since childhood

Reginald Hill, crime writer (1936-2012)
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'Oakbank'. Broad Oak, Ravenglass, Cumbria, 3 dated (1994, 2000, 2011).
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Three Postcards Signed, and two (folding) cards) with between 6-21 lines of writing. Good-humoured tone, with references to a novel published by "Margaret" [Forster, Davies's wife] which has given him an idea for a detective novel, a self-deprecating comment ("insecure jumped up northern grammer school lad"), reflection on how well he and friends have dome (no "jail-bait failures"), news of a death, a White Christmas, a plan for a "double-act at Keswick", treatment for illness (2011), etc.