[ Ramsay Muir, historian, thinker] A very substantial Autograph Letter Signed Ramsay Muir to Davis, responding at length to criticisms of his recent publication [perhaps British History a survey of the history of all the British peoples (1929)]

Ramsay Muir [John Ramsay Bryce Muir (1872–1941), historian, Liberal Party politician and thinker ].
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Park Lodge, Buxton, 13 Dec. [no year given]
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Four pages, 4to, fold marks, good condition, closely written, pages joined at top. He thanks Davis for writing at such length. But as you still attribute to me ideas wh[ich] I repudiate, you must put up with a rejoinder. (1) You insist upon assuming that I am trying to write the history of England, or of the English people & all its achievements; whereas I have made it plain, in the title, the preface, & throughout the work, that I am trying something quite different:- the history of a group of linked communities, of wh[ich] England has been the leader & inspirer but all have contributed ideas as well as drawn them from her. He claims the originality of the project. The second point he answers at length Is as follows: You insist upon attributing to me theories as to the writing of history which are not mine. You say I am a disciple of Seeley [...]. Muir rejects this at length, going into his views and intentions in great depth, concluding passionately, But it isn't - as it wasn't meant to be - the dead, pedantic, vulgar stuff you thought it; and it isn't - or it was not meant to be - doctrinaire.