[1920s ladies' fashion: Heather Thatcher, stage and screen actress and dancer.] Autograph Signature to Corrected Typescript of article ‘ “Dress To Suit Yourself.” / says Heather Thatcher / In an Exclusive Interview with Dorothy Owston-Booth.’

Heather Thatcher (1896-1987), stage and screen actress and dancer whose Russian-designed costumes caused a sensation in the 1920s [Dorothy Owston-Booth (b.1889), journalist;1920s ladies’
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No date or place. [London. 1920s.]
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An excellent bold and sprawling signature ‘Heather Thatcher’ at the end of a carbon typescript of a 1920s article from an unascertained source, with a few minor corrections in pencil. 3pp, 4to. Fifty-nine lines of text, on three leaves attached with a slightly rusty paperclip. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Begins: ‘ “Luckily, fashion for this autumn and winter are going to be varied; so every woman will be able to find something to suit her own particular type,” said lovely Heather Thatcher when she was showing me some of her new autumn dresses. / “It is so difficult when fashion decrees one particular style for a season; for, of course, it just cannot suit every woman”, Miss Thatcher continued. “Take hats, for instance, How could women of forty and upwards hope to [last six words struck through] look attractive in those flat, kettle-holder affairs which were perched on the sides of heads a season or so [last two words deleted] ago? Yet many tried to wear them!’ The article continues with advice regarding hats (‘try every angle until a becoming one has been found’), length of skirts (‘a few inches below the knee, or twelve inches from the ground is the fashionable length’), daytime frocks (‘Those with large hips do well not to draw attention to them by wearing unusual belts.’), coats (‘this winter they will look more fashionabe in one of the new coloured suede coats - real or imitation - than in fur!’), evening wear and jewellery (‘The best-dressed woman this season will only wear one jewel in the evening’), concluding ‘There’s no need to spend a lot of money to look well-dressed, if you dress to suit your own style and personality and watch carefully all the little details.’