['What are we to do with our “monstrous Regiment” of Women?': Sir Charles Trevelyan, Liberal politician.] Autograph Letter Signed, to W. A. Lock, giving his views on women and ‘German Immigrants’.

Sir Charles Trevelyan [Sir Charles Edward Trevelyan] (1807-1886), Liberal politician and administrator in India, notorious for his response to the Irish potato famine
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‘Treasury. / 8 Dec 1882’.
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See his entry in the Oxford DNB. 3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with thin neat strip from windowpane mount adhering to edges. Folded twice for postage. Twenty-four hands of text in secretary hand, addressed to ‘W. A. Lock Esqre’, and signed in autograph ‘Sir C Trevelyan’. He thanks him for his ‘very interesting Letter’, and hopes he will ‘never think it necessary to make any excuse for writing to me [other such?]’. He has asked ‘Mr. Farr’ for ‘any observations he might have to offer on the early part of it; and his answer is enclosed’ (not present). The following paragraph reads, possibly with regard to women’s suffrage: ‘What are we to do with our “monstrous Regiment” of Women? Is there any remedy short of polygamy?’ He turns to the subject of ‘German Immigrants’, on which he has an unusual view: ‘what are we but improved Germans? We are Germans disciplined & trained by the Normans, and by a long enjoyment of free institutions & of a maritime & Colonial System’. See image.