[?A bright, particular star?: Evelyn Laye, English actress and singer.] Autograph Letter Signed to Kenneth [Sephton], regarding a broadcast she has given.

Evelyn Laye (1900-1996), English actress and singer, who began her career as one of George Edwardes' 'Gaiety Girls'
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In his entry on Laye in the Oxford DNB, Sheridan Morley describes her as a ?bright, particular star?. 1p, 16mo.Good firm signature. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded once for postage. On the otherwise-blank reverse is Laye's monogram, with her initials. Reads: 'My dear Kenneth. / Thank you for your very sweet letter[.] I am so delighted you liked the broadcast[.] It brought back many happy memories to me & when I sat & listened to it all alone I must say I longed for the past. / Bless you. / Evelyn Laye.' From the papers of Kenneth Sephton.