Autograph Letter Signed by Primrose to R. F. Ford, together with fragment of letter in Primrose's hand [as Peel's secretary?], signed by Peel.

[11 DOWNING STREET, WHITEHALL] Arthur Wellesley Peel, 1st Viscount Peel, and Sir Henry William Primrose
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Primrose's letter, 25 November 1873, and the fragment undated; both on letterhead '11, Downing Street, | Whitehall.'
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Peel (1829-1912) was a Liberal politician and Speaker of the House of Commons. Primrose (1846-1923) was a Privy Councillor, Secretary to Gladstone and Speaker of the House of Commons. Both items are 3 pages, on 16mo bifoliates. Both are creased and discoloured. Between 1873 and 1874 Peel was Patronage Secretary to the Treasury. The exchange apparently concerns an election or by-election in Exeter. In the letter to Ford, Primrose says that Peel 'desires me to mention that it will depend upon the Lord Chancellor's movements whether the Writ leaves London on Monday or on Tuesday', as, if the Chancellor is in the country 'the messenger who takes it down to the Chancellor to be sealed cannot get back to London until the middle of the day on the Tuesday'. In the meantime Primrose will find out and let Ford know which day. The letter is signed 'H W Primrose'. The fragment, apparently the conclusion of a letter to Ford from Peel (signed 'Arthur W. Peel'), but in Primrose's hand, explains that the election cannot be delayed for more than six days. Any longer 'would be sure to excite remark, & lead to enquiries into the reason [...] The Writ will leave London on Monday evening.' In a postscript he says he is returning the stamps, 'as I have not had occasion to make use of them'.