Autograph Letters Signed (x 3) to “Smith”.

Albert Way.
Publication details: 
No date.

Antiquary (1805-1874). 2pp. ea., 8vo, damp-staining and other marksbut text still legible. He is returning some “cuts” lent by the Sussex Society and enclosing “eight blocks for the Catalogue of the Chichester Museum”. He wants his correspondent to follow up on a “cut”. In another letter, he makes suggestions for the improvement of a “proof of the Ark” and requests a book. In the other letter, he says that he is sending “the continuation ofChichester Catalogue” and someone else will send “the greater part of thewoodcut blocks”. He asks for a “cut” to be sent to the printer. 3 items,

Autograph Letters Signed (x 2) to the “Rev. J.L. Williams”.

Frederic Madden.
Publication details: 
British Museum, 29 March and 1 April 1862.

Palaeographer and antiquary (1801-1873). 2pp., 8vo, good. In the first, Madden explains how Williams will be able to copy a miniature in the “Bedford Missal” (by “a special letter of recommendation”). In the second, he accepts Williams’ references andthat the artist he will use is “careful and respectable”. He then gives further directions for his visit. 2 items,

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Thomas Reade.

Henry Ellis.
Publication details: 
British Museum, 7 Nov. 1844.

(1777-1869), Principal Librarian of the British Museum. Three pages, 4to, fold marks, some marking but text clear and complete. He asks Reade to welcome a friend (Sir Reginald Warren) should he visit Tunis after visiting Egypt. He reports on a young man who will send a letter to Reade via Warren probably mentioning his progress in the Museum ("in the Arrangement of our Geography") and his important discovery of "a bird's eye view of your country [Tunisia]" which includes a view of the Palace in which Reade is living.

Autograph letter signed to John Burke, Irish genealogist.

Henry Gally Knight.
Publication details: 
Lower Grosvenor St., 13 July 1841.

Traveller, antiquary, writer on architecture (1786-1846). One page, 8vo with added page of verse, nick not affecting text, good. He responds to a request by sending an impression of a seal [not present] "which bears the armorial ensigns of the two families which I represent" - which he expands on.

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