[Chico Marx of the Marx Brothers, and his father Samuel Marx.] Autograph Signatures and Beverly Hills addresses, cut from an autograph album.

Chico Marx [real name Leonard Marx (1887-1961)] of the Marx Brothers, American Vaudeville comedian, musician, actor and Hollywood star; his father Sam Marx [Samuel Marx [born Simon Marx] (1859-1933)]
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Without date or place. [Both men giving addresses in Beverly Hills, California.]

2 x 20 cm slip of paper, cut from an autograph album (written on reverse: 'Prince & Princess Fleming of Denmark.'). In good condition, lightly aged. The two entries written neatly one above the other: 'Chico Marx 9654 [Joadene?] dr. Beverly Hills. | Sam Marx 927 N. Rexford Dr., Beverly Hills, Cal.'

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