[Mary Zimbalist, film actress and disciple of Krishnamurti.] Collection of 28 letters and cards to playwright Christopher Fry, an intimate and affectionate correspondence on a number of topics.

Mary Taylor Zimbalist (1915-2008), actress, socialite, fashion model, activist and disciple of Krishnamurti, wife of film producer Sam Zimbalist (1901-1958) [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright]
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From Brockwood Park, Bramdean, Hampshire, and Ojai, California. Between 1978 and 2008.

A total of twenty-eight items of correspondence, comprising: nineteen Autograph Letters Signed (two on the backs of cards), two Typed Letters Signed, and seven Autograph Cards Signed. In good condition. All signed 'Mary', and the large part addressed to 'Christopher', with a few to 'Kit' and one to 'Dear Phyl [i.e. Fry's wife Phyllis], dear Christopher'. The correspondence indicates a deep affection and long-standing intimacy.

[Chico Marx of the Marx Brothers, and his father Samuel Marx.] Autograph Signatures and Beverly Hills addresses, cut from an autograph album.

Chico Marx [real name Leonard Marx (1887-1961)] of the Marx Brothers, American Vaudeville comedian, musician, actor and Hollywood star; his father Sam Marx [Samuel Marx [born Simon Marx] (1859-1933)]
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Without date or place. [Both men giving addresses in Beverly Hills, California.]

2 x 20 cm slip of paper, cut from an autograph album (written on reverse: 'Prince & Princess Fleming of Denmark.'). In good condition, lightly aged. The two entries written neatly one above the other: 'Chico Marx 9654 [Joadene?] dr. Beverly Hills. | Sam Marx 927 N. Rexford Dr., Beverly Hills, Cal.'

Autograph Letter Signed to the Provost of Eton [Edward Craven Hawtrey (1789-1862)].

Samuel Wilberforce, successively Bishop of Oxford and of Winchester
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30 May 1854; 26 Pall Mall.

Darwin and Huxley's 'soapy Sam' (1805-73). 2 pages, 16mo. In poor condition: damp, creased and with some decay at head, though none of this affecting text. 'I hope youo do not think that I have been remiss in not replying to your last kind letter otherwise than by telling Mr Davenport to attend to you. The truth is I have been intolerably occupied. I believe I shall have Randall with me. I hope you may have asked Dr Phillimore - & I hope that the surrounding Clergy have been invited to attend on Thursday.' Signed 'S Oxon:'.

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