[Sir Sidney Gerald Burrard (1860-1943), Surveyor General of India.] Large printed coloured map of ?Tibet and Adjacent Countries?, during the First World War.

?Tibet and Adjacent Countries?: Sir Sidney Gerald Burrard (1860-1943), Surveyor General of India; Survey of India
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?Compiled under the direction of Colonel Sir S. G. Burrard, K.C.S.I., R.E., F.R.S., Surveyor General of India, 1917?, ?Helizincographed at the Survey of India Offices, Dehra Dun.?

The original item. On one side of a piece of a piece of paper roughly 70 x 100 cm, folded into a 10.5 x 15.5 cm packet of fifty panels. An attractive item, but in need of some attention: on brittle and discoloured paper, with several closed tears. The map was the work of Col. H. B. Hudson. A significant map, still cited in the Sino-Indian border dispute. For the background see 'Two Important Maps from the Survey of India', Geographical Journa, October 1915. First published in 1914, but the only copy of this 1917 version located in the National Library of Australia.

[MANUSCRIPT; "Feudal Supreme Court of Brabant" - pencil note in MS; Legal or juridical Manuscript "specifically aimed at the Council of Brabant" ]

[Brabant Law] Anon.
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Eighteenth-Century (again pencil note in MS). Note: 'Maid of Dort' Pro Patria watermark (i.e. Dutch paper)

238pp. used, sm folio, full leather, raised bands, worn, words on spine obscured (gilt worn away), in Latin, French and Flemish. Note: Some Belgian scholars have kindly contributed the following background: "The manuscript is a typical 18C- juridical compilation. This one is specifically aimed at the Council of Brabant. The manuscript was probably 'started' by a lawyer, an attorney or another jurist who often frequented the council of Brabant. It contains a number of texts with Brabant law sources, and law procedures.

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