[ Arthur Murphy, Irish writer ] Autograph Instruction Signed to Cadell Esq [publishers].

Arthur Murphy, Barrister and Author [(1727–1805), Irish writer.
Publication details: 
Lincoln's Inn, 21 July 1788.

Paper, 15 x 9cm, trimmed with minimal loss of text, some staining, text clear and legible. Pay to Lady Montfort's Bearer the sum of Eighy seven Shillings & charge the same to | Your Humble Servt. | Arthur Murphy. A bold and impressive signature. Note: A, He studied at Jesuit run Saint-Omer, France, and was a gifted student of the Latin and Greek classics. He worked as an actor in the theatre, became a barrister, a journalist and finally a (not very original) playwright. He edited Gray's Inn Journal between 1752 and 1754.

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