[Countess Theresa Pulszky, wife of Hungarian nationalist Count Ferenc Pulszky.] Autograph Letter Signed, in English, to Sabilla Novello, describing her ‘Dante festivals’ and artistic activities in Florence.

'Theresa Pulszky [Terézia Pulszky; née Walter] (1819-1866), Austro-Hungarian wife of the Hungarian nationalist Count Ferenc Pulszky (1814-1897) [Sabilla Novello; Clara Novello [Countess Gigliucci]
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‘Villa Petrovitz Sulla Cos[ta] / Florence June 3d 1865’.

The Pulskys had fled Austria-Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, and while in London the Countess had published her well-received ‘Memoirs of a Hungarian Lady’. They would only be allowed back under an imperial amnesty in the year after this letter in 1866. The recipient, Sabilla Novello, was the daughter of London music publisher Vincent Novello, and sister of Alfred and Clara Novello [the ‘Countess Gigliucci’ referred to in the letter], all three of whom have entries in the Oxford DNB. 4pp, 12mo. On bifolium.

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