[‘Good old-timers’: Naomi Jacob, writer and actress, to theatre historian W. J. Macqueen-Pope.] Seven Typed Letters Signed (three ‘Mickie’), with copies of two replies, discussing Marie Lloyd, Bernard Dillon, Julian Wylie, Ivor Novello, ENSA, BBC.

Naomi Jacob [Naomi Eleanor Clare Jacob, pseudonym ‘Ellington Gray’] (1884-1964), lesbian writer and actress [W. J. Macqueen-Pope (1888-1960), theatre historian]
Publication details: 
Six of her letters, dating from between 1951 and 1956; all from Casa Micki, Gardone Riviera, Lago di Garda, Italy. The seventh letter dated 24 June [1945]; from Italy, with ‘ENSA Entertainments. / C/o Welfare, 6th. Brit. Armde. Div. / C. M. F.’

An entertaining and characteristic correspondence. See both their entries in the Oxford DNB. The nine items (seven by Jacob and two by Macqueen-Pope) are in fair overall condition, with all text clear and complete, on lightly aged and creased paper, with slight rust-staining from paperclips, and minor wear to edges. All folded for envelopes. The first seven of the nine following entries are NJ’s letters (the last four of which are addressed to ‘My dear Popie’), the last two the copies of MP’s. ONE: 24 June [1945]. ‘ENSA Entertainments. / C/o Welfare, 6th. Brit. Armde. Div. / C. M.

[Ruby Miller, actress.] Three Autograph Letters Signed (all ?Ruby?) to W. J. Macqueen-Pope (?Popie?), expressing great grief at the death of Ivor Novello, whose spirit form she describes seeing at his memorial performance at Drury Lane.

Ruby Miller [Ruby Laura Rose Miller] (1889-1976), English actress, one of the ?Gaiety Girls? [W. J. Macqueen-Pope (1888-1960), theatre historian; Ivor Novello, actor, composer and matin?e idol]
Publication details: 
14 March, 6 April and 8 October 1951; all three from 57B York Street, Baker Street, W1 [London].

See the entries for writer and recipient in the Oxford DNB. The three items in good condition, lightly aged, with the last carrying minor rusting from paperclip. ONE: 3pp, 8vo. She got his office number from ?Mrs. Popie?, ?but the line has been busy all the time?. She asks for ?a pass for darling Ivor?s [i.e. Ivor Novello?s] memorial service?. The previous week she was ?playing at the Regent Theatre, Hayes, & on the Monday night I was weighed down by a dreadful foreboding of disaster?.

[Ivor Novello, composer, playwright and actor.] Autograph Signature on front cover of the 'Magazine Programme' of his comedy 'I Lived With You'.

Ivor Novello [born David Ivor Davies] (1893-1951), Welsh composer, playwright and actor [W. J. Macqueen-Pope]
Publication details: 
The Magazine Programme [London: Prince of Wales' Theatre], No. 893. 4 April 1932.

[24]pp, 12mo. Stapled programme, in shiny covers. Strip torn away from back cover, and with staples slightly rusted, otherwise in fair condition. Large signature 'Ivor Novello' diagonally across title on front cover: 'Richard D. Rose | presents | Ivor Novello | in | I Lived With You | A comedy in three acts | by | Ivor Novello'. An illustrated 'magazine' programme, containing articles and advertisements. No copy on OCLC WorldCat. From the papers of Novello's friend and biographer, the theatre historian W. J.

[Sir Edward Marsh, Winston Churchill's friend and private secretary, classical scholar, patron of Georgian poetry.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Eddie Marsh') to W. J. MacQueen-Pope, praising his biography of his friend Ivor Novello. With copy of reply.

Sir Edward Marsh [Sir Edward Howard Marsh] (1872-1953), civil servant, promoter of Georgian poetry, classical scholar, friend and secretary to Winston Churchill [W. J. MacQueen-Pope; Ivor Novello]
Publication details: 
Marsh's letter 19 November 1951; 86 Walton Street, SW3 [London]. Copy of MacQueen-Pope's reply: 21 November 1951; 359 Strand, WC2.

ONE: Marsh to MP. 19 November 1951. 2pp, 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with light rust spotting from paper clip. Folded twice. Pencil note by MP. Marsh begins his letter: 'My dear Popie. | Very many thanks indeed for the book. It came on Saturday, & I read nothing else till I finished it this morning. Very many congratulations too, your Achievement story is itself a big achievement, & everyone who loved Ivor will be grateful to you for it. You can imagine how many memories it revived in me, & how much it added to my Knowledge.

Clara Novello [Clara Anastasia Novello; Countess Clara Anastasia Gigliucci], celebrated soprano.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Clara Novello'), giving details of her plans for a concert in Belfast.

Clara Novello [Clara Anastasia Novello; Countess Clara Anastasia Gigliucci] (1818-1908), celebrated soprano, daughter of music publisher Vincent Novello [Henry Bussell, Philharmonic Society, Dublin]
Publication details: 
'26 April 1854. Porchester Lodge, 8A Porchester Terrace, Hyde Park [London].

4pp, 16mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded once. With embossed armorial letterhead. Good firm signature: 'Clara Novello.' An interesting letter, casting light on the practical arrangement of musical concerts in Victorian Britain and Ireland. The recipient is not named, and the letter begins: 'Dear Sir, | I have not heard from Mr. Bussell of your Concert, but on receipt of your favor of the 15th. consider myself engaged to Belfast for the 1st.

[ Mary Cowden Clarke, author and Shakespearian scholar. ] Signed Autograph Presentation Inscription on half-title of book.

Mary Cowden Clarke [ Mary Victoria Cowden Clarke, née Novello ] (1809-1898), author and Shakespearian scholar, wife of Charles Cowden Clarke
Publication details: 
Dated in autograph 'July 1881.'

On a single 8vo half-title leaf removed from the front of her 1881 verse collection 'Honey from the Weed'. In good condition, lightly aged, with minor loss to one corner. Printed at the centre are the words 'HONEY FROM THE WEED'. At the head of the page is the presentation inscription, in a pleasing hand: 'George Frederick Martin Esqre. | with kind regards & good wishes from | Mary Cowden Clarke | July 1881.'

[ Mary Cowden Clarke, Shakespeare scholar and author. ] Autograph Signature taken from letter.

Mary Cowden Clarke [ Mary Victoria Cowden Clarke, née Novello ] (1809-1898), author and Shakespeare scholar with her husband Charles Cowden Clarke (1787-1877), daughter of Vincent Novello
Publication details: 
Place and date not stated.

On 3.5 x 8.5 cm slip of paper, cut from a letter. In good condition, lightly aged, laid down on part of a leaf from an autograph album. Reads: 'faithfully yours | Mary Cowden Clarke'.

[Private Press; Manuscript] Francis James Publishing Co. | Purchases Book, "Dissection Book", Sales Book, and a notebook with Purchases and Receipts..

F. J. Newbery [Francis James Newbery (b.1881)], sometime with the Golden Cockerel Press and director and manager of the Chiswick Press, here Publisher as "Francis James Publishoing Co.
Publication details: 
[Purchases Book] 1944-1948; [Dissection Book] Dec. 31, 1943- Dec. 1947; Sales Book AND Notebook Feb.1944-Dec.1948;

All in Francis James Newbery's hand. Four volumes, sm. folio (3), 8vo (Notebook), good condition. [Purchases Book] c.32pp. used; [Dissection Book] c.14pp. used; Sales Book. 18pp. used; Notebook, 16pp total - Payments 10pp, Receipts, 6pp.A. PURCHASES BOOK: Sources of various items (usually multiple) with costs include: George Bell & Sons (permit to use illustration); Craske, Vaus & Crampton (Fine line blocks); Chiswick Press (colour printing etc; many references); National News Letter (cartridge paper); Novello & Co. (Binding - 3017 copies of 'Easter Eggs'); H.H.

[Sabilla Novello, daughter of Vncent Novello.] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Miss Macirone' [the composer Clara Angela Macirone], regarding her sister Mary Cowden Clarke's ill-health.

Sabilla Novello (1821-1904), singer and author, daughter of Vincent Novello (1781-1861), and sister of Mary Cowden Clarke (1809-1898), wife of Charles Cowden Clarke (1787-1877); Clara Angela Macirone
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Villa Novello, via San Giacomo, Genova. 28 May 1878.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly-aged. The letter reads: 'My dear Miss Macirone | Mrs. Cowden has recd. your letter, & forwards the enclosure to Clara [the Countess of Gigliucci, another sister]. | Mrs. C. C's hands are so afflicted that she writes with greatest difficulty; so I write for her. We Villa-ites know no one of the name of "Macirone" excepting your own distinguished family. We rejoice to hear you have regained yr. health, & that sweet Minnie is flourishing. We all send kindest remembrances. Excuse gt. haste'.

[Mary Cowden Clarke, writer, daughter of Vincent Novello.] Five Autograph Letters Signed to the pianist Clara Angela Macirone, sending news from Italy, on topics including music, the Risorgimento, the building of Villa Novello, Carlo Poerio.

Mary Cowden Clarke (1809-1898), daughter of Vincent Novello (1781-1861), and wife of Charles Cowden Clarke (1787-1877), writers and Shakespeare scholars [Clara Angela Macirone]
Publication details: 
Between 1856 and 1879. The first two (1856 and 1859) from Maison Quaglia, au Port, Nice, France; the last three (1864, 1876, 1879) from Villa Novello, Genoa, Italy.

Closely and neatly written on five bifoliums. Text totalling 14pp., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with minor damage at head of third letter, and wear to extremities of the fourth. The first two letters (1856 and 1859) addressed formally, the third to 'Angela & Minnie', and the fourth and fifth to 'Angela'. She writes the first letter (1856) before her sister Clara's 'approaching visit to England', to thank Macirone for writing to express the pleasure she had received from Charles Cowden Clarke's sister's writing.

[Novello & Co., Limited, music publishers.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Novello & Co Ltd | W. C. H.') to Dr Carl Peters, informing him that he has money due to him from the sales of his uncle Carl Engel's 'Violin Family'.

'W. C. H.', Novello & Co., Limited, music publishers, London [Dr Carl Peters (1856-1918), German African explorer, nephew of Carl Engel (1812-1882), musicologist]
Publication details: 
On Novello & Co. letterhead, 1 Berners Street, W. London. 30 September 1898.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed to 'Dr. Carl Peters | 29 St James Street | W'. The letter reads: 'Dear Sir | We beg to inform you that we have a small amount due to you from the sales of your "Violin Family" by Carl Engel but, before forwarding same, we shall be glad to know whether the above is your correct address.'

Autograph Letter Signed ('J. L. Hatton.') to Bennett.

John Liptrot Hatton [J. L. Hatton] (1809-1886), English composer and conductor [William Cox Bennett (1820-1895)]
Publication details: 
26 October 1859; 3 Goswell St. E.C. [London], on cancelled letterheada of 13 Park Village West, Regents Park.

12mo, 2 pp. Ten lines of text. Good. Asks 'upon what terms' he may 'publish some of the songs I have set from the charming volume you sent me'. He is 'acquainted with the Gentleman' to whom Bennett has dedicated his book: 'it was in his shop I was introduced to Longfellow'. Possibly referring to Bennett's 'A Sea Song' and 'The Sea-Boy's Dream', set to music by Hatton and both published in 1861.

Autograph Signature.

Marie Novello (1898-1928, born Marie Williams), English pianist
Publication details: 
Undated, but around 1917.

On one side of a leaf (roughly 11 x 16 mm), removed from an autograph album. Good, on lightly aged paper, with some show-through from amusing drawing on reverse by L. E. H. Phipson. Bold signature reads 'Yours Sincerely | Marie Novello'. Drawing on reverse depicts a monocled old fogey protesting his love to a pretty young thing regarding herself in a handmirror. Captioned 'I'd rather be a young man's slave!' Signed by the illustrator 'L. E. H. Phipson | 6/12/1917'. Docketed in pencil.

Autograph Note Signed ('Clara Gigliucci nata Novello'), 'To - Wright Esqre.' With Times obituary and another.

Countess Clara Gigliucci [nee Clara Novello] (1818-1908), English soprano, daughter of Ivor Novello
Publication details: 
Fermo. Marche | August 24th. 1863.'

One page, octavo. Very good, on lightly aged paper, with embossed blue ink monogram at head. 'Dear Sir | My Sister Isabella, just arrived, tells me you desire my autograph, I have great pleasure in complying with your flattering request. [...]' The blank second leaf of the bifolium is carefully attached to a larger piece of neatly-docketed paper, and has the two newspaper cuttings partially laid down on it. The short Times obituary, dated 17 March 1908, states that 'She must surely have been the last person alive to whom Charles Lamb addressed a poem'.

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