[Allan Cunningham, Scottish poet and author.] Signed Autograph Manuscript of the words to his ‘The Mariners Song’ (‘A wet sheet and a flowing sea’).

Allan Cunningham (1784-1842), Scottish poet and author, superintendant and secretary to Sir Francis Chantrey (1781-1841)
Publication details: 
Without date (any time from 1822) or place (London?).

See Cunningham’s entry in the Oxford DNB. Neatly written out in his distinctive hand. The present holograph gives the words to one of his most popular songs (an American version substitutes ‘Columbia’ for ‘Old England’). It was first published in the London Magazine in August 1822, and by 1834 was well-enough known to be discussed - and dismissed as ‘Puling nonsense’ - in ‘Sailors and Saints, by the Author of the Naval Sketch Book [i.e. William Nugent Glascock]’ (1834). 1p, 4to, on gilt-edged leaf of wove paper extracted from an album.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J. L. Hatton.') to Bennett.

John Liptrot Hatton [J. L. Hatton] (1809-1886), English composer and conductor [William Cox Bennett (1820-1895)]
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26 October 1859; 3 Goswell St. E.C. [London], on cancelled letterheada of 13 Park Village West, Regents Park.

12mo, 2 pp. Ten lines of text. Good. Asks 'upon what terms' he may 'publish some of the songs I have set from the charming volume you sent me'. He is 'acquainted with the Gentleman' to whom Bennett has dedicated his book: 'it was in his shop I was introduced to Longfellow'. Possibly referring to Bennett's 'A Sea Song' and 'The Sea-Boy's Dream', set to music by Hatton and both published in 1861.

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