[Private Press; Manuscript] Francis James Publishing Co. | Purchases Book, "Dissection Book", Sales Book, and a notebook with Purchases and Receipts..

F. J. Newbery [Francis James Newbery (b.1881)], sometime with the Golden Cockerel Press and director and manager of the Chiswick Press, here Publisher as "Francis James Publishoing Co.
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[Purchases Book] 1944-1948; [Dissection Book] Dec. 31, 1943- Dec. 1947; Sales Book AND Notebook Feb.1944-Dec.1948;

All in Francis James Newbery's hand. Four volumes, sm. folio (3), 8vo (Notebook), good condition. [Purchases Book] c.32pp. used; [Dissection Book] c.14pp. used; Sales Book. 18pp. used; Notebook, 16pp total - Payments 10pp, Receipts, 6pp.A. PURCHASES BOOK: Sources of various items (usually multiple) with costs include: George Bell & Sons (permit to use illustration); Craske, Vaus & Crampton (Fine line blocks); Chiswick Press (colour printing etc; many references); National News Letter (cartridge paper); Novello & Co. (Binding - 3017 copies of 'Easter Eggs'); H.H.

[Chiswick Press.] Small collection of material by director F. J. Newbery, including a manuscript account of the press and a typewritten chronology by him, an address by him titled 'Picture Making' and a booklet of 'Interesting Facts' about the firm.

F. J. Newbery [Francis James Newbery (b.1881)], director and manager of the Chiswick Press [Adam Maitland; Christopher Sandford; Charles Whittingham & Griggs Ltd; The Golden Cockerel Press]
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[Chiswick Press, London.] One of the printed items from 1930; part of the correspondence from 1953.

The collection is in good condition, lightly aged and worn, apart from Item Seven. ONE: Autograph notes by Newberry on the firms of 'Chiswick Press Tooks Court' and 'Wm. Griggs & Sons Ltd. Peckham'. 4pp., 12mo. Closely written, with corrections. The first section concludes: 'Jacobi was certainly an experienced and successful printer of fine printed volumes and H.M. paper. William Morris drew inspiration from Chiswick Press that led to his founding the Kelmscott Press. His first experiments in the use of type designed at K. P. were carried out under Jacobi. C. P.

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