[Chiswick Press.] Small collection of material by director F. J. Newbery, including a manuscript account of the press and a typewritten chronology by him, an address by him titled 'Picture Making' and a booklet of 'Interesting Facts' about the firm.

F. J. Newbery [Francis James Newbery (b.1881)], director and manager of the Chiswick Press [Adam Maitland; Christopher Sandford; Charles Whittingham & Griggs Ltd; The Golden Cockerel Press]
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[Chiswick Press, London.] One of the printed items from 1930; part of the correspondence from 1953.
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The collection is in good condition, lightly aged and worn, apart from Item Seven. ONE: Autograph notes by Newberry on the firms of 'Chiswick Press Tooks Court' and 'Wm. Griggs & Sons Ltd. Peckham'. 4pp., 12mo. Closely written, with corrections. The first section concludes: 'Jacobi was certainly an experienced and successful printer of fine printed volumes and H.M. paper. William Morris drew inspiration from Chiswick Press that led to his founding the Kelmscott Press. His first experiments in the use of type designed at K. P. were carried out under Jacobi. C. P. also used his Golden Type in a series of Classical Reprints. | In 1919 the press passed out of the hands of George Bell & Sons having been purchased by the firm of Wm. Griggs & Sons Ltd., Lithographic and Collotype printers of Peckham.' TWO: Typescript [by Newberry], comprising a chronology headed 'CHISWICK PRESS' (4pp., 12mo) and 'SOME OPINIONS' (3pp., 12mo). With a few corrections in Newberry's autograph. The chronology covers events between 1860 and 1943. The following is an example of the style: '1930 | More than 100 years after Nephew Whittingham set up in Tooks Court, the premises in which he worked yielded to the destiny of all material things and had to be pulled down. Meanwhile new premises had been built at New Southgate adjoining the Litho and Collotype works and the Chiswick Press moved into same this year. Christopher Sandford now joined the Board of Directors.' The 'Opinions' begin with an extract from 'Plomer's "Short History of English Printing"' and end with a passage 'From a Review of "The Player's Shakespeare"', and include an endorsement by 'Francis Meynell - Proprietor of the Nonesuch Press' and 'An American Client'. THREE and FOUR: Two Typed Letters Signed to Newberry from Adam Maitland. The first (1p., 4to; 1p., 12mo) on letterhead of the Chiswick Press; 18 December 1952. He would like to 'bring Chiswick Press into the public eye', and feels that Newberry is 'the only person well able to supply [...] a brief history of the bare facts of Chiswick Press from the point where the Grolier book on Charles Whittingham ends'. He hopes that Newberry will 'hear well of the Press these days under Mr. Tollit whom we have taken on specifically to build up the quality of work there again to the highest point'. The second (1p., 4to) on letterhead of Eyre and Spottiswoode Limited; 9 January 1953. In response to the next item. He thanks Newberry for the 'most helpful historical notes', which were 'just what I felt we needed', and discussing 'the distribution list of Mr. Tollit's selection of the old Chiswick ornaments'. FIVE: Carbon copy of typed letter [from Newberry] to Adam Maitland. 8 January 1953. 1p., 12mo. Enclosing Item Two above. 'I am unfortunately unable to trace the date on which we changed the name of the business back to Chiswick Prerss Ltd., which perhaps you will feel is important. This I believe could be traced from the old Minute Book if someone in your office would care to look.' SIX: Anonymous printed promotional booklet titled 'Chiswick Press | Interesting information for those who appreciate the Importance of this famous Press in the History of Printing'. 15pp., 4to. With an additional four full-page collotype plates. Stitched, in brown printed card wraps. In good condition, lightly worn and aged. The 'Foreword' begins with a passage dating the booklet to 1930: 'The occasion of the removal of the Chiswick Press from Tooks Court, London, E.C.4, where it has carried on book production and general printing for over one hundred years, seems a fitting opportunity to give its varied and numerous clients a few brief note on the history and production of the Press.' SEVEN: Printed booklet titled: 'Picture Making. An Address delivered by F. J. NEWBERRY, Esq. to the Salesmen of The Osborne Company Ltd. at Leamington, Dec., 1924'. 16pp., 12mo. On aged paper, with chipped and worn detached remains of grey printed wraps. Illustration laid down on front cover. With autograph emendations by Newberry [no other copy traced]. The collection also includes unused letterheads of Chiswick Press Ltd and The Alcuin Press Ltd, and 5pp., 8vo, of modern manuscript notes on Newberry and Christopher Sandford.