[ Fernand Gampert, Swiss artist, friend of Christian Dior. ] Autograph Letter Signed, in French, to Captain C. W. Townsend, with reference to the painter Lucien Monod.

Fernand Gampert (1898-1989), Swiss artist, friend of Christian Dior; his sister Edith Gampert [ later Edith Arnaud ] (1897-1987) [ Captain Cecil William Townsend ]
Publication details: 
9 Rue Bellot, Geneva [ Switzerland ]. 16 November [ no year, but dating from the First World War ].

8pp., 12mo. On two bifololiums with mourning borders. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Addressed to 'monsieur Townsend'. From the papers of Captain Cecil William Townsend of the Warwickshire Yeomanry, Dunsterforce and Norperforce, and the British Military Mission to South Russia. Gampert is still at college as he writes, and the reference to the 'boches' dates the letter to the First World War. Gampert begins by explaining the reason for the delay in writing, with reference to 'Mlle Trithen'.

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