[Spike Milligan] Typed Letter Signed "Spike" to Sally Worboyes, author and playwright (Wikipedia), suggesting at the outset of her writing career more qualified judges of her work than himself..

Spike Milligan, comedian and author
Publication details: 
9 Orme Court, London, W2, 28 July 1975

One page, 4to, creasing and sl. marked, text clear and complete: Thank you for your letter together with your writings. I don't give an opinion of other people's work, and I'll tell you why, in the past I have been wrong, and on pone occasion felt very responsible. | The best advice I can give you is to send it to a reputable publisher and ask him to get one of his professional readers to give you an honest opinion. These are the boys with the power to say 'yes' or 'no'. | I do hope you understand."

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