[Griller String Quartet.] Autograph Signatures of the four members (Sidney Griller, Jack O’Brien, Philip Burton, Colin Hampton), for an autograph collector.

Griller String Quartet [Sidney Griller (1911-1993), violinist; Jack O’Brien, violinist; Philip Burton, viola player; Colin Hampton, violoncello player], [University of California at Berkeley]
Publication details: 
22 October 1934. No place.

The present autographs were taken within a few years of the quartet’s formation in 1931. Accompanying the item is an 11 x 9 cm newspaper cutting of a photograph of the youthful members of ‘THE FAMOUS GRILLER QUARTET - often heard over the wireless - which created a very favourable impression last night at the first concert for the season of the Aberdeen Chamber Music Club.’ The autographs are on one side of a 16 x 11 cm leaf with rounded edges, extracted from an autograph album. The signatures are one above the other, with Sidney Griller’s large and bold.

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