[ Bruce Kinloch; wildlife conservation ] [Airmail letter] Autograph Letter Signed "Bruce" [docketed "From Bruce Kinloch"] to Hjalmer Thesen of Thesen Industries (S.A.), about the death of "Afstand" (an elephant) and the fate of his tusks.

Bruce Kinloch [ (1919 – 2011), British army officer, wildlife conservation leader and author
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c/o Department of Forestry & Games, P.O. Box 182, Zomba, Malawi, Central Africa, 31 August 1971.

Airmail letter, one and a half pages of text, 4to,fold mark, good condition. Kinloch thanks Hjalmer for informing him of the death of "Afstand", an elephant ("astounded by the story"), hoping "the full truth will 'out' at the final trial". He tries to clarify some facts, asking questions about where the tusks were found, had they been sawn off, was the job "professional" (sawn off length), with other technical points.

[ Communist Party of Great Britain. ] Duplicated Typescript headed 'Information Document prepared by Africa Committee' on 'The West African Cocoa Industry' (Gold Coast, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and French Cameroons).

[ Communist Party of Great Britain, International Department ] [ West African Cocoa Industry; Gold Coast; Nigeria; Ivory Coast; French Cameroons; Jimmy Shields (1900-1949) ]
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[ Communist Party of Great Britain, London. ] International Department, 16, King Street, London, W.C.2. May, 1946.

5pp., 8vo. On five foolscap leaves. In good condition, lightly aged. The report is single-spaced, and factual rather than polemical, describing the 'network of buying stations' (run by 'non-European intermediaries (African or Syrian)') maintained by the 'European firms that buy and export practically the whole crop', and the recommendations of the 1938 Nowell Report.

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