[ George Cadbury, Quaker chocolate manufacturer, philanthropist and proprietor of the Daily News. ] Typed Letter, with cyclostyled signature ('George Cadbury'), to 'Mr. Armstrong' (i.e. the geologist A. H. Armstrong)

George Cadbury (1839-1922), Quaker industrialist and philanthropist, a member of the noted firm of cocoa and chocolate manufacturers, proprietor of the Daily News
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Bournville, near Birmingham. 7 August 1908.

1p., 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with two ring-binder punch-holes. The letter begins: 'Dear Mr. Armsrtrong, | I see no other course than that which you are following. It would be looked on as a slight if you were not present at the gathering of Darlington Liberals, though we shall be very sorry not to have your company.' He trusts they will be 'rightly guided with regard to Mr. Ward', whom it will be difficult to replace 'at the “Birmingham News”'. He will 'leave the matter for a few days until we can come to a definite decision'.

[ Communist Party of Great Britain. ] Duplicated Typescript headed 'Information Document prepared by Africa Committee' on 'The West African Cocoa Industry' (Gold Coast, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and French Cameroons).

[ Communist Party of Great Britain, International Department ] [ West African Cocoa Industry; Gold Coast; Nigeria; Ivory Coast; French Cameroons; Jimmy Shields (1900-1949) ]
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[ Communist Party of Great Britain, London. ] International Department, 16, King Street, London, W.C.2. May, 1946.

5pp., 8vo. On five foolscap leaves. In good condition, lightly aged. The report is single-spaced, and factual rather than polemical, describing the 'network of buying stations' (run by 'non-European intermediaries (African or Syrian)') maintained by the 'European firms that buy and export practically the whole crop', and the recommendations of the 1938 Nowell Report.

two letters signed to E. S. Gibb,

Joseph Rowntree
Publication details: 
6 and 7 November 1890, with letterhead of the Engineering Department of Rowntree & Co., The Cocoa Works, York.

The younger. Quaker cocoa manufacturer and philanthropist (1836-1925). Both letters one page, 4to, and written by an amanuensis. The letters deal with a "proposed new siding", for which "Mr Copperthwaite & my Clerk of Works" think it will be necessary to "take down the bridge which connects the north & south portions of my land, & which is situated midway between the road to & the road to ." In the second letter he says he is leaving for Scarborough that morning, and that he fears his two days' absence "might delay operations with the branch line".

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