[Cuthbert Collingwood, Lord Collingwood, Royal Navy admiral who commanded the British fleet on Nelson's death at Trafalgar.] Autograph Signature ('Cuthbt. Collingwood').

Lord Collingwood [Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, 1st Baron Collingwood] (1748-1810), Royal Navy admiral, took command of the British fleet on Nelson's death at Trafalgar
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Without date or place.

Collingwood's ship the Royal Sovereign was the first to engage with the enemy at Trafalgar, at which Nelson exclaimed, 'see how that noble fellow Collingwood carries his ship into action!' Collingwood's comment, at almost the same moment, was 'What would Nelson give to be here?' On 1.5 x 8 cm slip of paper, cut from a printed volume. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Laid down onto a slip of paper for display. The signature – 'Cuthbt.

[ Edward Caruana Dingli; Art and the War in Malta ] Autograph Letter Signed E Carnana Dingli to Mr Tuckwell

Edward Caruana Dingli, Maltese artist.
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52 South St | Valetta, 2 Dec. 1943.

Four pages, 12mo, a word for a part of a destroyed building cut out (text runs, including part of the [...cut out, in fact CENSORED]), otherwise clear and in good condition. He begins by discussing Tuckwell's recent operation, praising doctors,concluding that it's no wonder your nation heads the world in all that pertains to civilization, science, art, politics, &c. He continues, It gives me great pleasure to know that my pictures are still a source of pleasure to you [...]. He refers to Tuckwell's loss of his wife and his kindnesses when Dingli was in England.

[ Paul Bugeja, Maltese author. ] Typescript of a play: 'Honour Her Brave People. A Tragedy in 3 acts about conditions in MALTA G.C. as they are and as they might be'. With covering Typed Letter Signed to the theatre historian W. Macqueen-Pope.

Paul Bugeja, Maltese author [ Malta; W. Macqueen-Pope [ Walter James Macqueen-Pope ] (1888-1960), theatre historian ]
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Play from 13 Caledonia Mansions, Qui S Sana, Sliema, Malta G.C. Undated [ containing reference to 1942 ]. Bugeja's covering letter from same address, 30 June 1952.

ONE: Typescript. [3] + 94pp., 4to. Stapled in green tyed wraps. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper; in aged and worn wraps. Stage directions underlined in red pencil, and a handful of minor manuscript changes. 'The action of this play takes place in Malta G.C.

Printed reward poster in English and Italian, headed 'Minute by His Honor the Lieutenant Governor' and 'Notificazione di Sua Signoria l'Onorabile Luogot. Govern.', by Richard Plasket, regarding a murderous assault on Giuseppe Pace of Casal Luca.

Sir Richard Plasket, Chief Secretary to the Government, Palace, Valletta [Giuseppe Pace of Casal Luca, Malta]
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'Palace, Valletta [Malta], 30th October, 1823.'

On one side of a 43 x 31.5 cm piece of laid paper, with 'JL GRAN | MASSO' watermark. On stained paper with slight wear along head and slight pitting affecting a few words of text. An attractive official communication, in two columns (English on left and Italian on right) beneath the British royal crest. Begins: 'WHEREAS it has been represented to HIS HONOR THE LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR, that, Giuseppe Pace, of Casal Luca, having, about half-past eight o'Clock, on the evening of the Twenty-eighth instant, repaired to certain premises belonging to his family, situate in Strada St.

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