Printed handbill proposing the establishment of the Blamire Memorial. With five Autograph Letters Signed (by the peers Cleveland, Devonshire, Feversham, Lonsdale, Spencer) to Howard on the same subject.

Philip Henry Howard (1801-1883), M.P. for Carlisle [William Blamire (1790-1862) of Thackwood Nook, Whig M.P. for Cumberland; Blamire Memorial; Cleveland; Devonshire; Feversham; Lonsdale; Spencer]
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All six items dating from 1862.

An interesting collection, with some revealing comments within the correspondence. All six items are laid down on a folio leaf of pink paper removed from an autograph album. All clear and complete, in good condition on aged paper, with the Feversham letter somewhat grubby. The handbill (12mo, 1 p), on behalf of the Committee for the Blamire Memorial, and in the names of Henry Londsdale and Henry Dobinson, is headed 'BLAMIRE MEMORIAL', and dated 'Carlisle, Oct. 7th, 1862.' It reports the resolutions of a meeting held on 4 October 1862.

Signed bookplate (one of edition of fifty), 'EX LIBRIS | Attilae Secundi'.

George Algernon Fothergill [BOOKPLATES]
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Paper dimensions roughly five inches by seven. Dimensions of illustration four and a half inches by five. Very good. Dated '1914' within body of illustration above the word 'Frightfulness' in gothic. With 'GAF' beneath body of illustration, above 'EX LIBRIS | Attilae Secundi | The Nook | St Helena'. Signed in pencil, next to 'GAF', '(one of fifty) G A Fothergill'. The "Second Attila" is obvioulsly Wilhelm II.

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