[ Ye Sette of Odd Volumes, London literary dining club. ] Two pieces of ephemera: 1920s invitation form in envelope, printed in characteristic style in red and black; and handbill regarding 'Ladies' Night | April 24th, 1928'.

[ Ye Sette of Odd Volumes, London literary dining club; Margot MacGibbon; Mirian Duncan; Admiral Sir Arthur Cavenagh Leveson ]
Publication details: 
[ Ye Sette of Odd Volumes, London. ] Invitation from the 1920s; handbill relating to meeting on 24 April 1928.

ONE: Invitation. Tastefully printed in red and black on one side of an 11.5 x 15 cm piece of card. The club's monogram in a red square in top left-hand corner. Headed: 'YE SETTE OF ODD VOLUMES | United once a month to form a Perfect Sette | Object: Conviviality and Mutual Admiration.' The form, which has not been filled in, invites the recipient to one of the Tuesday meetings at the Imperial Restaurant, No. 7 Glasshouse Street, Regent Street. In envelope with circular 'Odd Volumes' device in red on flap.

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