['Black Americana.'] Complete set of four late-Victorian British chromolithographic plates, with stereotyped racist depictions of 'Sambo's Courtship', 'Sambo's Wedding', 'Sambo's First-Born' and 'Sambo's Baby's Christening'.

['Black Americana'; nineteenth-century racism; Victorian racist illustration]
Publication details: 
English (each print 'Copyright Entered at Stationers Hall'). Circa 1888.

The four plates (each 29 x 23.5 cm) are loose and unframed, in fair condition, aged and worn, with no margins, chipping to the edges, and with the corners cut off at a diagonal. Each title written in pencil in a contemporary hand on the reverse of the print, each with a price of '6d'. The subjects are not depicted in unattractive style, and are certainly not grotesques, but they are shown as 'simple', untroubled individuals, with the usual happy, gleaming brown faces and shiny white teeth.

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