[ Thames and Medway Canal Company, London. ] Five items: Autograph Letter Signed from chairman J. Moxon to Sir J. E. Harington, and four printed circulars, regarding 'commuting and clearing the whole incumbrance of debt on the undertaking'.

Thames and Medway Canal Company, London [ John Moxon, Chairman; Edmund Collier, Clerk; Sir John E. Harington of Ridlington ]
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[ Thames & Medway Canal Office, No. 35, Great Winchester Street, London. ] Moxon's letter from 69 Old Broad Street, 19 May 1831. Two circulars of 7 and 18 May 1831; third circular relating to a meeting on 3 May 1831; fourth circular, 30 July 1831.

The five items in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: ALS from 'J. Moxon' to Sir J. E. Harington. 2pp., 4to. On bifolium. Addressed, with three postmarks, on reverse of second leaf, to 'Sir John E. Harington Bart. | Berkeley Square'. Docketed on same page: 'Thames & Medway | Loans | to be kept by trustees. | refers to the Notes'. Thirty-eight lines, closely written.

[Messrs. J. & S. Ricardo & Co., London bankers.] Manuscript Letter, signed 'J & S Ricardo', accepting 'Fifty Shares in the Colombian mining Association'.

Messrs. J. & S. Ricardo & Co., London bankers [Colombian Mining Association; David Ricardo (1772-1823), economist]
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Throgmorton Street [London]. 27 November 1824.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Reads: 'Gentlemen/ | We are very much obliged to you for your offer of Fifty Shares in the Colombian mining Association which we have great pleasure in accepting. We did not make any application as we had hoped to have heard first from you on the subject.' The family firm of the economist and MP David Ricardo, who had been disowned on his marriage to a gentile in 1793. It did substantial business in the Hispanic world.

[John Diston Powles, South American speculator.] Autograph Letter Signed from Alexander Walker to him, describing the terms of his employment by Powles, in support of 'the interests of South America & of the Republic of Columbia in particular'.

Alexander Walker, authority on South America and author on the Republic of Columbia [John Diston Powles (1787-1867), Chairman of the St. John del Rey Mining Company]
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London. 29 March 1822.

1p., 4to. Bifolium, addressed on reverse of second leaf to 'J. D. Powles Esqr'. 15 lines of text, neatly and closely written. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Walker (not to be confused with the army officer in the East India Company) was the author of a work on Columbia, published by Baldwin, Cradock & Joy in 1822. For information on Powles, who employed a young Benjamin D'Israeli to write pamphlets supporting his interests, see the end of this description.

Long Autograph Letter Signed ('Frank H. Evans') from the banker Sir Francis Henry Evans, writing while a young man in Santos, Brazil, to his parents in England, describing a mishap with a tent at the turning of 'the first sod' of a railway station.

Sir Francis Henry Evans (1840-1907) of Tubbendens, Orpington, Kent, banker and company director, Liberal Member of Parliament for Southampton, 1896-1900, and Maidstone, 1901-1906 [Santos, Brazil]
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Santos [São Paulo state, Brazil]. The first part, to his mother, dated 29 and 30 May 1860; the second part, to his father, dated 30 May 1860.

14pp., 12mo. The first 11pp. are addressed to his mother and signed, and the last 3pp. to his father and not signed (possibly indicating that a continuation is lacking). In fair condition, on aged paper, with the last leaf worn and creased. He explains his situation at the beginning of the letter: 'First of all you may see from my address above that I am in Santos, & secondly from the more cleanly appearance of the letter that I am not in the woods. - Would that I were back again for ever since I have been here I have been ill [...] On the 11th.

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