[Karl Gustav Vollmöller, German symbolist playwright.] Typescript of English text of 'The Version that was banned' of 'A Venetian Night. | A Pantomime in 13 Tableux, by Carl Vollmoeller', with variants required by the Lord Chamberlain's office.

'Carl Vollmoeller' [Karl Gustav Vollmöller] (1878-1948), German playwright and polymath, screenwriter of Marlene Dietrich's 1930 film 'The Blue Angel' [Lord Chamberlain's office; W. J. MacQueen-Pope]
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[London. 1912.]

A nice artefact of the censorship of pre-First World War British theatre. The London production of Vollmoeller's wordless drama 'Eine Venezianische Nacht' was censored by the Lord Chamberlain's office, and the production at the Palace Theatre, London, in November 1912 was panned by the critics. 15pp, folio, on fifteen leaves gathered together with green ribbon, interleaved with six typed slips of variant text, and with one leaf a composite made up of several sections glued together. Mimeographed typescript. In fair condition, on aged, worn and creased paper, with final leaf detached.

[ Félicien Rops, Belgian Symbolist engraver. ] Aquatint engraving of a fashionable couple chatting while serenaded by a lutanist, with a Spanish ball behind them around a plinth on which a sphinx sits while being kissed by the winged head Hypnos.

[ Félicien Rops (1833-1898), Belgian Symbolist engraver ]
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[ Without place. ] 1876.

Printed in black ink on one side of a piece of 26.5 x 19 cm paper wove paper. Unsigned and without caption or text, but unmistakably the work of Rops, and with his name written in light pencil in the margin. Apparently a proof. Dimensions of plate 16 x 9 cm, and of the illustration itself 11 x 6.5 cm. Aged and creased, with spotting at head.

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