['Stuart Cumberland' [Charles Garner] (1857-1922), Victorian 'Mentalist' or 'Muscle Reader'.] Twelve Autograph Letters Signed ('Laura') from his wife to her father and sister, written during tours from Egypt, India, Spain and Australia.

Laura Nina Webb (née Cumberland) (fl. 1885 and 1947), wife of 'Stuart Cumberland' [Charles Garner] (1857-1922), Victorian 'Mentalist' or 'Muscle Reader' (i.e. mind reader)
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Trieste, Egypt (Cairo), India (Calcutta, Bombay, Agra), Australia (Sydney) and Spain (Madrid). 1885, 1886 and 1887.

Of the twelve letters, nine are to her sister Ellen Alice Webb ('Nell'), two are to her father the Oxford gunmaker George Webb (d.1892, of 85 High Street, and later 36 Iffley Rd), and one is to both father and sister. They total 57pp, in a variety of paper shapes and sizes (10pp., 32mo; 20pp., 16mo; 23pp., 12mo; 4pp., 4to). In good condition, on aged and worn paper. One letter lacking the final section, including signature. As Barry H.

Autograph journal of a 'Trip to Singapore' from Johannesburg, by an unnamed female doctor (presumably the wife of the South African political activist Basil Stein).

[Journal of a trip to Singapore from Johannesburg, South Africa, 1967-1968; Basil Stein (1928-2012), South African political activist]
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From Johannesburg, South Africa, to Singapore. 21 October 1967 to 31 January 1968.

57pp., 4to. In ruled notebook, with marbled boards and brown cloth spine. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. A light, observant account of a holiday, with details of her pastimes, the individuals she encounters, social engagements. First page headed 'Trip to Singapore Oct. 1967'. The first entry begins: '21st Oct. Left Jburg by train at 6.30 PM Ben [her husband] saw me off - gave me a box of Lindt chocs! but still could not refrain from pointing out how expensive they were.

Long unsigned manuscript letter, with two coloured illustrations, from an Englishman to his niece, describing sitting in wait to shoot a tiger from a machan (hunting platform) in North Kandesh, India.

[Tiger hunting in India, 1928; Henry Staveley Lawrence (1870-1949), Acting Governor of Bombay 1926-28; William Augustus Henry Miller (d.1927), Divisional Forest Officer, West Khandesh, Central Circle]
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Poona, India. 11 February 1928.

5pp., 8vo, including one full-page sketch and one half-page one. Good, on five leaves of lightly-aged and worn paper. Neatly and closely written. Addressed to 'My dearest one and only Niece'. Complete in itself, but possibly only the first five pages of a longer letter. The author is a British colonial administrator in Kandesh (Acting Governor of Bombay H. S. Lawrence?), and from the tone of his letter his niece (in England?) is still a young girl.

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