[ Tunisia Campaign, British North Africa Force, 1943. ] Duplicated 'SECRET' document by Major-General Charles Keightley, titled 'Main Lessons from the recent Campaign in North Africa as applicable to an Armd Div.'

General Sir Charles Frederic Keightley (1901-1974), 6th Armoured Divison, British North Africa Force [ BNAF ] [ British Army, Tunisia Campaign, North African Campaign, 1943 ]
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'In the Field | 7 Jun 43.' and 'HQ 6 Armd Div, | B.N.A.F. | 7 Jun 43.' [ British North Africa Force, 7 June 1943. ]

7pp., 8vo. On four leaves stapled together. In good condition, lightly-aged and with rusting staple. Stamped 'SECRET' at head of first page. Facsimile of Keightley's signature at end ('Maj Gen | Comd | 6 Armd Div.').

[ 9th Corps, BNAF, 1943.] Thirteen Tunisia Campaign documents, including secret typed report: 'R.A. Experiences and Lessons from the three Battles fought by 9 Corps between 6 Apr and 12 May 1943'. Also a questionnaire with replies from five officers.

Eric Harrison [ Major-General E. G. W. W. Harrison (1893-1987) ], soldier and Olympic athlete; General Sir Charles Frederic Keightley [ 9th Corps, British North Africa Force; Tunisia Campaign ]
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In the field with 9th Corps, British North Africa Force [ BNAF ], Tunisia. May and June 1943

The thirteen items are in good condition, with moderate signs of age and wear. In buff folder, with '265/G(SD) | LESSONS DERIVED FROM TUNISIAN CAMPAIGN' in red pencil on cover. The material, including a report by Harrison, a questionnaire and two responses to it, was produced shortly after the campaign, following an order from the Army Commander that a printed report of the lessons learned be produced as quickly as possible.

[Franco-Tunisian Protocol.] Seven duplicated typed documents, in French, starting with 'Note | Protocole Franco-Tunisien signe a Paris le 21 Avril 1955 entre le Gouvernement Francais et le Gouvernment Tunisien sur l'Autonomie interne de la Tunisie'.

Salah Ben Youssef (1907-1961), Secretaire General du Neo-Destour [Tunisia; Franco-Tunisian Protocol, 1955; the Maghreb]
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'Le Caire, le 16 Mai 1955.' [Cairo, Egypt. 16 May 1955.]

The Encylopaedia Britannica gives the background to these items: 'The Neo-Destour was formed in 1934 by discontented young members of the more conservative Destour. After a bitter struggle with the parent organization, it became the predominant party under the leadership of Habib Bourguiba in 1937. It was harassed by French authorities throughout the 1940s and began an armed rebellion in 1953 that led to Tunisian independence in 1956. | A Neo-Destour government was then formed. In 1958 Bourguiba was appointed the first premier of Tunisia, and in 1959 he was overwhelmingly voted president.

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